We would like to announce that starting from the autumn semester 2023, EBS nanodegree programmes will be renamed microdegree programmes. Nanodegrees acquired until autumn 2023 will remain valid with their former name and value (15 EAP).

The current developments in society and economy put the focus of education on the independent and self-directed learner. Next to classic degree programs, opportunities to rapidly improve previously acquired skills and abilities are becoming increasingly important.


Estonian Business School was the first Estonian university to offer microdegree programmes (previously called nanodrgees) . EBS’ microdegrees are master’s study learning modules, focusing mainly on five areas:  sustainability and green economy, digital transformations, communication and marketing, management and leadership, finance and accounting.


"When designing microdegrees, we are guided by the principle that we create and adapt them according to the challenges of the labour market," explains Jim Seltenrijch, Head of master’s studies at EBS.


Why is microdegree programme good for you?

1 The rapidly changing working life requires updated knowledge and skills, even if you already have a master's degree
2 An in-depth course in a specific field allows you to acquire modern knowledge with a future perspective
3 A systematic and short study period (9 weeks) allows you to acquire skills and knowledge at a pace that favours the formation of new habits, whilst fitting into your work schedule
4 Expand your horizons and business network – the study group includes experts with deep professional know-how and people with at least three years of management experience
5 Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded an EBS microdegree certificate with a value of 15 ECTS, which you can transfer to the curriculum of any university in the world and continue with graduate studies if you wish.


How will your company benefit?
1 An employee with modern skills is a valuable investment for the company, both when updating existing skills and if acquiring new skills
2 The student can connect the homework done within the programme with their professional life, so many real business challenges can be solved
3 Employee development plays an important role in the company's value proposition

EBS will open registration for the new microdegree programmes by the end of June 2023 and the end of December 2023. All microdegrees are in English. Registration is open via my.ebs.ee until 72 h before the first lecture of micro or until there is free seats available. If you have not studied EBS before, please book your online consultation.


Nanodegrees in spring 2023                                                   

 Registration via my.ebs.ee (login, add to the shopping cart)  starts on December 20, 2022. You can book your interview before that date.

More detailed information about the nanodegrees starting in autumn 2023 (in the period August to October and October to December) can be found on this page at the end of March 2023. Registration via my.ebs.ee  (login, add to the shopping cart)  starts on July 1, 2023.

Nanodegrees in autumn 2023   

  • Green Transition and Sustainable Economy Foundations  (on Fridays and Saturdays from August 25-26 until October 20, 2023)  
    Microdegree is designed to provide learners with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning to a sustainable economy. The module covers topics such as the role of businesses in the sustainability crisis, clean technology entrepreneurship, and the importance of reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Leading Digital Transformations (on Fridays and Saturdays from August 25-26 until October 20, 2023)
    Digitalisation efforts are often a complicated process, not only do you need to convince decision-makers and staff. You also need to identify which processes can be digitalised. Therefore, it is much easier to think about digitalisation as a transformation. In this hands-on module you will master the transformation skill from idea to implementation by touching upon all the different aspects.
  • Sustainable and Green Finance (on Fridays and Saturdays from October 21 until December 15-16, 2023)
    Microdegree is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable and green finance, and how it can be used to support environmentally friendly and socially responsible investments. 
    The aim of the module is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable and green finance. By the end of the course, participants will be able to analyze, evaluate and support sustainable and green investments.
  • Business Innovation Management (on Fridays and Saturdays from October 21 until December 15-16, 2023)
    Through this module, the participants will master the concepts, tools and strategies for driving growth within organisations through business innovation. It will capture the participants’ passion for new ideas, products, services, and technologies and help them become true innovation leaders who will succeed in their business innovation projects.
  • Management and Marketing in the International Business Environment (during working hours in period September- December)
    This bachelor-level micro-degree provides an overview of the key issues and challenges of international economics, management and marketing and is designed for those interested in starting an international business career and does not require prior knowledge of business or economics. Faculty and students of different nationalities create a unique cultural space which broadens your worldview and encourages to think big. 

Nanodegrees in spring 2024 

  • Going Green: Company-Level Changes is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive sustainable development at the company level. The aim of the module is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle environmental and social issues and to drive sustainable development at the company level while maintaining business profitability.
  • Data-Based Decision-Making and Leadership.  In the newest module, you will be given the overview of data-based decision-making together with the tools for developing the skills as an aspiring or current manager. The module will cover the following topics ranging from data-driven decision-making process to human characteristics, mindsets and behaviours to developing clear strategies and vision for data use (beyond technology and technical skills).
  • Strategic Communication. A comprehensive module that provides a thorough understanding of strategic communication and its crucial components and gives a hands on learning experience via practical tasks. The aim of the module is to prepare students with an interest in marketing to utilize and harness the techniques, media and tools of professional communication.
  • Leadership in Digital Era is designed to provide knowledge, understanding and skills for leadership positions in the era of digital transformation and rapid technological change. The future of work is due to digitalization changing rapidly, which means that leaders should be more than ever comfortable in dealing with uncertainty and adaptive to the changing market and customer needs. From a top-down approach towards more horizontal, inclusive, collaborative and self-leading teams, who are able to adapt swiftly and more creatively, building on each other strengths and diversity. New leadership concepts should be learned and skills practised.      

Prerequisites for master level microdegrees

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Have at least 3 years of work experience in business, entrepreneurship or economics sector. We value both people and process management experience.

  • Sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

•    For EBS alumni or previous EBS continuing education participants (Open University), please use your current EBS account in MyEBS.     

•    For the prospective learner  for micro degrees only, please write to avatudulikool@ebs.ee or book a online consultation time

•    For starting master's studies at EBS, please write to admission admission@ebs.ee

NB! If you intend to take a microdegree (or any Open university short-term courses), you will not be issued a residence permit for studies. A residence permit for studying is issued only for studies leading to a degree



Choose the microdegree as part of your Master’s studies or separately from Open University

Past microdegrees

The selection of EBS microdegrees (2020-2023 called nanodegrees) is constantly evolving according to the topics that are currently relevant in the business world and society in general.

Communication microdegrees

Marketing microdegrees

Data Management microdegrees

Finance and Accounting microdegrees

Management and Leadership microdegrees

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