Study Loan

EBS in cooperation with Inbank is offering you the chance to make a study investment – to better plan for your future and pay for your studies in installments. The idea of the study investment is that the bank will pay your tuition fee and you will make monthly payments to the bank. An installments contract can be signed at the EBS Office of Academic Affairs quickly and conveniently without visiting the bank. You can sign a contract for 100% of the tuition fees for the beginning semester, but for not less than €300 per semester. You can select the installment amount for a period of up to 60 months when signing the contract.

Conditions of the Study Loan

  • Study investment amount: up to 100% of the tuition fee, but not less than €300 per semester
  • Repayment period: up to 60 months
  • First instalment: at least 10%
  • Interest rate: 6% on the loan balance
  • Fee for concluding the contract: €15
  • Minimum salary of 240 per month

Who qualifies for a Study Loan?

  • A citizen of or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia
  • At least 19 years old
  • Proper payment behavior in the past
  • A current account in one of the following banks (for direct debit): Swedbank, SEB Bank, Sampo Bank, Nordea Bank, Tallinn Business Bank, Eesti Krediidipank, LHV Bank

The process for formalizing a Study Loan

  • You will need 20 minutes; turn to your study consultant in the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Present your ID to apply for an installments contract (ID card, Republic of Estonia passport or Republic of Estonia alien’s passport).
  • The study consultant will enter your personal identification code and the amounts of your income and monthly liabilities in the Inbank information system.
  • You will find out in one minute whether you qualify for a study investment.
  • If the answer is affirmative, the study consultant will fill in a study investment contract.
  • The study consultant will help you find a suitable monthly installment amount using the Inbank calculator.
  • The study consultant will then print out three copies of the contract for signing or send the contract to your e-mail address for digital signing.
  • After you have signed the contract, the bank will transfer the contract amount to the school.
  • You will pay installments on the 12th day of each month.
  • A new contract will be signed for the tuition fees to be paid in each new semester.


The service provider is Inbank AS. The loan APR is 6.44% according to the conditions in the following example: the price of the study investment if purchased at once (net price) is EUR 2,500, and so the loan sum is EUR 2,500. If the contract term is 60 months, the fixed annual interest rate will be 6% of the residual value; the contract conclusion fee will be EUR 15, the monthly installment payment will be EUR 48.48, the sum total of the loan with all installment payments will be EUR 2,908.59.  Prior to concluding the contract please read the contractual terms and conditions carefully and, if necessary, consult an employee of Inbank AS or another specialist.