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Explore our course catalogue for the period from January to May 2024.
We will add the autumn courses to the catalogue in June.

You can find the initial list of Autumn 2024 courses HERE. The courses will take place from September to January.

The purchasing option in my.ebs will open in early summer.


Registration for each course is available 48 hours before the start or until seats are sold out.

The Open University of Estonian Business School (EBS) offers everyone the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of their previous qualifications.

The EBS Open University extends an opportunity for individuals to enroll in courses that form integral parts of our bachelor and master programs, allowing learners to access university-level courses. Regardless of previous qualifications, we encourage lifelong learning and emphasize our commitment to social responsibility. Prospective Open University students are generally expected to have a solid command of the subject matter equivalent to upper secondary school level or for some courses bachelor level.


Open University enables to start studies at EBS by enrolling on one or more courses without the need to be matriculated as a student. Open University is an opportunity for individual development:

  • Individuals interested in continuing education and advancing their careers
  • EBS alumni
  • Partners
  • Students from other universities

While you can choose favorable subjects each semester, we ensure that prerequisite knowledge (or subjects) are fulfilled and maintain small study groups to focus on individual development. The Open University's learning activities take place in a classroom together with matriculated students. Students are free to complete either individual courses or entire study modules. 
Enrollment in Master's level courses or programmes is limited to individuals with a Bachelor's degree (or an equivalent) or relevant working experience.
Open University courses are primarily held at Estonian Business Schools's Tallinn campus, with opportunities to take courses at our Helsinki campus as well. Please note that Open University studies are primarily targeted at residents of Estonia and the European Union, and long-term student residence permits based on Open University courses are not available.

Spring semester courses commence in the second half of January or February, concluding mostly before June. Autumn semester courses start on August 25, 2024, ending mostly before December.
Registration for spring semester courses starts in December via 
Registration for autumn semester courses starts in June at the same address. Please check the exact schedule before registering. If you don't have an Estonian ID for registration, use the provided registration form. 

SA Estonian Business School (Estonian Business School) is a training card co-operation partner of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund
Notice of economic activities in Estonian Education Infosystem (EHIS): no 185457

Study period

  • Open University offers flexible participation in courses, either full-time during office hours or session-based during evenings or weekends, depending on vacancies. Courses generally run from the 1st week of September to December or from the 1st week of February to May 30.

  • External students can collect ECTS credit points by actively participating in seminars, assignments, exams, etc., which can be used when transitioning to full-time University studies.  

  • All Open University students are entitled to use the EBS Library and reading room and receive information and study materials through the online learning platform Canvas.

EBS Open University study fees

  • Pay for courses or modules as indicated in the registration system.
  • Flexible payment options, with a €35 fee for installment plans if you register before Janyary, 25 or August, 25
  • Tuition covers supportive course materials via e-learning platform Canvas. Textbooks that are not in the library or e-catalogs must be purchased or borrowed by the student from another library. A language textbook and workbook should definitely be purchased for the successful completion of language courses.
  • Refund policies based on withdrawal timing, with exemptions and discounts determined by Estonian Business School Foundation's management board decision. (points 5.2-5.5). Cancellation is considered from the first school day of the selected course.
  •  If the continuing education course is canceled because of the organizer, a replacement course is offered from the list of existing courses, or the tuition fee paid by the participant is fully reimbursed by the organizer.



  • Participants can apply to Open University courses and pay for each course through the e-shop if they have temporary living permits or they live in EU countries. After filling registration form, adding course to shopping cart, spetifing payment details you need to pay course fee within 7 days or for noted date. 
  • For appling master level courses participant should be send a proof of education level; for Master's courses, a LinkedIn profile or CV may be required.
  • After this process participant will get passwords for the Learning Management portal Canvas and gets access to the course program and materials. Obligatory study materials students need to buy themselves (e-book or paper book) unless they are available from the EBS library. Exact information will be provided in each case.
  • Upon course enrollment via the website registration platform, participants of Open University courses confirm their agreement to the MyEBS's Terms and Conditions. This confirmation is considered a contractual agreement between EBS and the student, wherein both parties outline their respective rights and duties.
  • An applicant enrolling to a Bachelor´s level shall have a High School certificate and sometimes previously passed courses.
  • An applicant enrolling to a Master´s level courses or microdegrees shall have a Bachelor´s degree, and in some cases previously passed the pre-required courses.  An applicant enrolling to a language programme courses shall have to take a language test which is the basis for the identification of the level of language skills.
  • A participant of such courses through the Open University shall not possess the status of a student and be liable to any related rights out of the university.

If you plan to enroll in a short course, please note that a residence permit (Visa) for studies will not be issued. However, you are welcome to stay in Estonia and attend Open University courses within your period of stay in Estonia. A residence permit for studying is issued only for studies leading to a degree

 If you have been issued with a residence permit on other grounds, you can freely attend any EBS open university courses. NB! Most of our courses will last 120-180 days.

Download the Rules of Continuing Education of EBS from HERE



Registration for autumn semester courses begins


Autumn semester courses begin


Registration for spring semester courses begins

Coming soon! Most of the autumn courses are starting the first week of September
Microdegrees will start at mid-January or mid-August.