EBS Podcast

Welcome to EBS podcast station!

The podcasts are recorded in the EBS studio, Lauteri 3, Tallinn.


Estonian Business School is the first university in Estonia that offers nanodegrees for self-development. Listen to the EBS nanodegrees podcasts to get more information about the programmes.
The podcast host is the Head of EBS Master's Studies  Jim Seltenrijch. 

Just Go 

EBS launched its first podcast series, hosted by Caleb Brunick. 

Just Go podcast episodes have different guests introducing the EBS student exchange programme: our partner universities, how to choose a country and university best suited for you, how to apply for exchange programme, and what to expect from living and studying abroad. 

EBS Under 30 

EBS Under 30 brings you young and ambitious entrepreneurs who share interesting stories. They are all connected through EBS, have a positive view on life and a wish to change the world.


How did they find entrepreneurship for themselves? Where do good ideas come from and how to put them into practice? What role does a business university have in all of this, and what subjects would they like to see taught in the university? These are the questions we are searching answers for. We promise: if you listen, you get inspired!


Listen EBS under 30 podcasts here: