Marketing Strategy

Professional strategic marketing is the key business function of successful companies. This module will give a thorough understanding of how to gain and sustain competitive advantage with a range of marketing skills and tools. A sound strategy helps to pursue a long term vision. Companies are constantly pushed to designing products and services delivering customer value while not only responding to but also anticipating contextual changes. Well executed pricing strategies enable to capture created value for the firm and stick to value-based pricing. Customer is the focal point of all marketing decisions and creating meaningful customer experiences is a complicated task in a cluttered and competitive economy. Rigorous measurement and usage of agreed metrics is inevitable to avoid just pleasing and entertaining the customers while sacrificing the profit of the company.


The primary target group for this module is marketing specialists who are in career transition to managerial positions with higher strategic responsibilities, managers of SMBs who have relied mainly on organic growth so far and seek to take a more rigorous and controlled approach to marketing, and master students specializing in marketing.

The module topics are delivered by faculty of EBS and renowned international teachers and specialists with solid track record in their respective areas.


The objective of this module is to provide a thorough understanding of strategic marketing and its crucial components and give a practical learning experience in real time marketing decisions-making.


Subjects within the nanodegree

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this nano degree, you acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand a variety of foundational and contemporary marketing concepts and principles to design and execute a strategic marketing plan
  • Know how to develop competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value to match organisation’s distinctive capabilities with valuable opportunities
  • Understand data-driven marketing approach to make evidence-based decisions in a wide range of complex marketing and business-related contexts
  • Are  able  to  develop  and  apply  marketing  metrics  to  establish  the  effectiveness  of  marketing activities
  • Are able to apply a range of constructs, frameworks and tools to create, analyse, and take to market new products
  • Understand  the  concept  of  customer  experience  and  how  to  design  and  manage  customer interactions
  • Understands the concept of pricing as value creation tool and are able to plan and create relevant pricing strategies
  • Communicate  complex  marketing  ideas  professionally  and  present  marketing  solutions  in  a convincing way in a broad set of personal and group contexts


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  • Basic understanding of and passion for marketing
  • Bachelor degree and minimum 3-year working experience in the business or marketing field 
    or bachelor degree in business, management, economics 
  • Master sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • send us CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

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Toomas Danneberg

Tabani Ndlovu

Tabani Ndlovu

Visiting Lecturer
Benas Adomavičius

Benas Adomavičius

Visiting Lecturer
Richard Zinoecker

Richard Zinoecker

Visiting Lecturer