Data Management I

For the last years, data has been considered as “the new oil” – it creates value when it is mined and analysed, it transforms and powers the information economy, and creates wealth for those who have and can use it. The ownership of data and the skills to use it to maximise its benefits have become the game changers in today’s society, reshaping the way we live, work, study, and play. The courses offer the opportunity to build a career or make further advancements in the field of data management. By the end of these courses, the student has an understanding how to manage databases, build relational database management systems using query language, how to analyse and visualise data using relevant programming language, and why data privacy, security and ethics are important topics to consider in the age of data and analytics.


The aim of this nanodegree is to address data management principles, practices and technologies, thus, focusing on the topics of database management, data analysis and visualisation, and data protection. The courses provide the needed skills to manage organisation’s data in order to develop organisational approaches that both sustain and enhance the value of data. It is essential to know how to manage data to maximise its benefits.

Subjects within the nanodegree

These courses will cover the basic topics essential to understand the overall process of data management starting from designing the relevant database management system, forming the business question, analysing and visualising the data up to understanding the importance of data privacy, security and ethics.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this nanodegree, you acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • An understanding, knowledge and skills of data management and data analytics
  • Understanding of the value and nature of organisational data; the detailed principles and practices required to collect high-quality data, and to review and prepare it for business analysis
  • Ability to organise and use real-world data collections and data visualisation tools to answer questions about organisations.


Price for the full module: 2250 €

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  • Basic understanding of and passion for data, technologies and management
  • Bachelor degree and minimum 3-year working experience in the business or economics, entrepreneurship
    bachelor degree in business, management, economics 
  • Master sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • send us a CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

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