International Business Administration


This programme is for you if you dream about a managerial position in a larger international company. The programme offers an opportunity for specialised knowledge in finance and accounting or marketing and communication. Faculty and students of different nationalities create a unique cultural space which broadens your worldview and encourages to think big. The mobility semester in a foreign top-tier university and internship in an international company boosts your career.

Profile of the graduate

As an alumni of this programme you will act as a middle manager, marketer or specialist in finance in an international company or in public sector. You will be appreciated for your in-depth specialised knowledge and your valuable network of contacts will help you make it in the world of business. You are an ambitious and entrepreneurial EBS alumnus whom home university, employer, and colleagues take pride in.  


EBS cares a lot about the success of its students, alumni, and their employers. We strive to make sure that our graduates do well, and we are genuinely happy about their success.


According to research:

Among EBS alumni

  • 15% create their own business;
  • 44% work in international companies;
  • 21% work in local companies;
  • 20% work abroad.

Of EBS alumni

  • 11% are entrepreneurs;

  • 35% are top- or middle managers;

  • 45% are top- or mid-level specialists.

Compared to Estonian average salaries, gross salaries for EBS alumni are:

  • above Estonian average for 85% of EBS alumni;

  • more than twice the average salary for 43% of EBS alumni.

  • Salaries for EBS alumni in business and management are higher than those for other Estonian universities’ graduates.


    We sincerely hope that you, too, will soon be an EBS alumnus!

    Why choose this programme? 

    • This is a worldwide recognised programme which has received the highest international recognition amongst business schools - accredited by EFMD!

    • You will be a valuable expert in your field who is familiar with the contemporary international business environment and is able to find solutions to challenges which 21st-century organisations face; 

    • You will gain an in-depth understanding of your field of specialisation (finance and accounting or marketing and communication) and will be able to professionally express yourself in English. Additionally, you will develop your digital competencies and gain knowledge in responsible business management;

    • You will be guided by international experts and experienced business leaders; 

    • Faculty and students of different nationalities create a unique and diverse cultural space that broadens your worldview and encourages to think big;

    • You will learn in small groups of students and your personal study consultant will be there to advise you. Thus, we will always be on top of your goals and support you every step of the way;

    • At EBS we focus, as much as possible, on learning from each other via group discussions, teamwork, practical studies, and „lessons from life“. This ensures that upon graduation you will have real solutions to challenges which you will face in your working life; 

    • Your fellow students will be positive and ambitious initiators with cool ideas. This inspiring and motivating company of people and valuable network will remain with you for years to come;

    • You can take advantage of the mobility window which enables an international learning experience in a foreign top-tier university;

    • You may choose to obtain a double-diploma from Lancaster University Management School – the university of the year in 2018 in the UK.

    Programme overview

    Study year overview  
    I Preparing myself for a business career  

    Semester 1: The Contemporary Organisation in Its Environment


    You will learn about the role and functions of a contemporary organisation in its environment.

    • Courses: Business and Economic Environment, Principles of Marketing, Understanding Financial Statements, English for Management, Management and Organisational Behaviour, Learning to Learn and Work Professionally, Business Mathematics;
    33 ECTS

    Semester 2: Challenges for the 21st Century Organisations


    You will get familiarised with the challenges faced by organisations in the 21st century.

    • Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Finance, English for Finance, Accounting for Managerial Decisions, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Doing Business, Professional Communication Skills;

    • Internship I to become familiar with the organisation’s managerial and decision-making processes.

    33 ECTS
    II Developing professional knowledge and skills in my specialisation  


    Semester 3: Core Competencies in Specialisation


    You will develop core competencies in your chosen specialisation.

    • Core courses: Personal Finance, English for Economics, Research Design, Data Analysis for Business Decisions;

    • Finance and Accounting specialisation courses: Finance Ethics and Law, Investment Management, Financial Communication, Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance;

    • Marketing and Communication specialisation courses: Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, Sociology and Social Psychology, Public Relations and Media Communication.

    36 ECTS

    Semester 4: Adding Value to Specialisation


    You will gain advanced knowledge and skills in your chosen specialisation.

    • Courses: Academic and Business Writing, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Professional Negotiations;
    • Finance and Accounting specialisation courses: Valuation of Securities, Risk Management, Seminars on Current Topics in Economics and Finance; 
      • Elective courses: Investment Management Game, Case Studies in Finance, Financial Derivatives, Auditing;
    • Marketing and Communication specialisation courses: Professional Sales, Digital Marketing, International Marketing, Service Marketing; 
      • Elective courses: Content Writing, Advertising, Branding: Case Study Method, Event Marketing, Intercultural Communication;
    • Internship II for solving a managerial problem that has occurred in your place of internship.
    30 ECTS
    III  Developing managerial competencies   

    Semester 5:  Developing a Distinctive Set of Professional Competencies


    During this semester most of the students go for an exchange semester abroad (Mobility Window) with the Erasmus programme. You can also take electives at EBS based on the individual interests and goals.

    24 ECTS

    Semester 6: Improving Intrapreneurial Capabilities


    You will enhance the acquired knowledge and skills in the interdisciplinary context and develop research capabilities.

    • Courses: Digital Innovation in Business, Business Simulation DYNAMA, Strategic Management and Leadership; 

    • Bachelor's thesis. 

    24 ECTS


    Finance and Accounting

    Are you interested in investments or want to become a financial specialist? This specialisation equips you with the necessary knowledge needed to find your way in the matters of finance which will benefit you at any point in your life!  


    If you specialise in finance and accounting, you will:

    • be familiar with the vocabulary of finance and learn to use it correctly;
    • be able to evaluate a company’s worth and return on investment;
    • know how to analyse the information in financial documents;
    • be able to manage your personal investment portfolio and increase the value of your assets.

    This programme is recognised by the CFA Institute and the courses in this programme are taught based on CFA Level 1 requirements. The topics covered in accounting courses overlap, by and large, with ACCA examination topics. You may take ACCA exams at EBS. 

    Marketing and Communication

    Do you wish to create outstanding brands of the future and plan to work in an organisation’s marketing department or an advertising agency? This specialisation equips you with relevant knowledge and skills to make average products and services attractive. 


    If you specialise in marketing and communication, you will learn: 

    • to gather and analyse relevant information needed for marketing activities;
    • to carry out marketing plans which support the organisation’s goals;
    • to convincingly present and communicate your marketing ideas.

    Studies at EBS

    Study format

    Studies take place at EBS campus from Monday to Friday between 8.30 to 17.15 according to the timetable.  

    Daytime study format includes more contact hours in the classroom, which helps to acquire knowledge more easily. At EBS we focus on peer-to-peer learning, so additionally to lectures, your studies will include group works and presentations, interactive seminars and classroom discussions. 

    Mobility Window

    During your second study year, you will have the possibility to study in one of EBS partner universities for either one semester or one year. Of all universities in Estonia, EBS has the strongest network of partner universities – it includes some of the best business schools in Europe (EMLyon Business School, Università Bocconi, BI Norwegian Business School, Kedge Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Solbridge International School of Business and many more). 

    The Mobility Window is the semester intended for studying abroad. Studying abroad provides you with a unique experience and enables you to test yourself in a new academic and cultural environment, practice your language skills, make new friends, find possible future business partners, and gain a competitive advantage in the labour market.


    Studying abroad during Mobility Window means that you can choose the business-related courses to your own liking and the credits will be transferred. You also have the possibility to complement your knowledge in areas that no university in Estonia covers.


    The Mobility Window is the semester intended for studying abroad. Studying abroad provides you with a unique experience and enables you to test yourself in a new academic and cultural environment, practice your language skills, make new friends, find possible future business partners, and gain a competitive advantage in the labour market.


    Studying abroad during Mobility Window means that you can choose the business-related courses to your own liking and the credits will be transferred. You also have the possibility to complement your knowledge in areas that no university in Estonia covers.

    When you study at an EBS partner university, you will only pay the EBS tuition fee. Additionally, if you choose mobility in one of the EU countries, EBS will pay to you the Erasmus+ scholarship. 


    Positive feedback of EBS students confirms that a semester abroad significantly broadens your worldview and provides you with new contacts as well as invaluable international university experience.


    Exchange semester stories of our students can be found here:


    Just go! podcast

    Internship and Mentoring

    Internship is an integral part of your studies. It will expose you to an organisation’s daily functioning and you will be able to implement your knowledge and skills in the place of internship. At EBS, internship is undertaken in two stages. 

    Internship I

    • During the Internship I you will become familiar with the organisation’s managerial- and decision-making processes;
    • A mentor (EBS master student) will support you in choosing the internship place. Through mentoring, you will explore different opportunities for shaping your career path and discuss your future goals. As an experienced manager, your mentor will be your role model and give you advice on how to take the first steps towards your dream career.

    Internship II

    • Internship II provides you with the possibility to test your knowledge and skills even further – you will need to solve a managerial problem which has occurred in your place of internship;
    • You will conduct a study and, based on it, you can suggest an organisational change;
    • Internship II will support your preparation to write the bachelor thesis.  

    EBS internship programme has positive feedback from both students and places of internship. The purpose of internship is to implement the knowledge acquired during your studies in real-life working situations and to support the students during their career planning.

    EBS internship programme has received in 2023 the quality label of "Recognized Practice System 2023-2027".


    The quality label is awarded by the Education and Youth Agency as part of the project "Recognition of the Internship Process in Vocational and Higher Education." The aim of the label is to recognize vocational and higher education institutions for creating and implementing high-quality internship systems and to motivate schools in planning and implementing development activities related to internships.







    Marge Täks, Head of the Department of Management, Senior Lecturer, PhD:  

    "Internship helps the students to better understand their strengths and find their passion. The students will also find out what they do not like or what does not suit them. This, in its turn, helps them make better future career choices. As a result of the internship, the brightest of our students have also found their first jobs."



    Our students' internship stories


Key dates


The start of the admission round for the study year 2024/2025.




The application deadline in SAIS and DreamApply for Estonian and Finnish applicants.


The application deadline, for other international applicants, is closed. The next admission round starts in February 2025.



Admission interviews take place at EBS Tallinn campus or online.

Admission information

Suitable candidate

  • Holds a higher secondary education degree or an equivalent qualification;
  • Holds sufficient proficiency in English (B2);
  • Has sufficient skills in Mathematics;
  • Demonstrates their motivation, ambition and argumentation skills in a catchy application;
  • Completes the admission interview at EBS.


More information about admission requirements and a detailed explanation of the admission process to EBS:



Admission requirements

Information about admission requirements for international applicants can be found here.

Information about the admission requirements for local applicants can be found here.

Frequently asked questions Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the admission process for international students.
Country-specific requirements

The specific requirements for international qualifications can be found here.

Requirements for International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate or GED qualifications. 

How to apply?

Step-by-step guide for international students here


If you are excited about our programme and wish to learn from and contribute to EBS community then you are ready to apply. 

The application enables you to introduce yourself to the admission committee and give the first impression of you. 

International applicants

Apply in DreamApply



    Estonian applicants

Apply in SAIS


Online consultations

If you would like to receive more information about the admission process before applying, then sign-up for a personal online consultation. The online consultations take place twice a month.

We encourage you to register if:

  • You have questions about EBS application process that prevents you from applying;
  • You doubt whether your previous education and/or work experience is compatible with your chosen study programme
  • You are choosing between several study programmes and want more information or support to make the right choice
  • You want more information about the organisation of studies or the financing of studies.

Register for the consultation


Financing your studies

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the study year 2024/2024:

  • Autumn semester fee 3500 euros and spring semester fee 3500 euros;

Estonian and Finnish residents:

  • The tuition fee is paid by semester (every half year). You can pay the semester tuition fee in one, two or four instalments. 
  • A processing fee of 35 euros applies when paying in two or four instalments;
  • The first instalment of the tuition fee has to be paid by August 25.

If you are not studying full-time, the tuition fee will be calculated based on the price of credit points (125 euros per credit point). 

EU residents:

  • The tuition fee is paid by semester (every half year). 
  • The tuition fee has to be paid latest by August 1;
  • You will receive an invoice with a personal deadline.

Non-EU residents:

  • The tuition fee for the first study year is paid in one instalment (7000 euros);
  • The tuition fee has to be paid before your visa appointment with the Embassy;
  • You will receive an invoice with a personal deadline.

Study Investment

If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several instalments by using the Study Investment. 


In cooperation with banks, EBS offers you a study investment solutions, so you can better plan the future and cash flows. Study investment is a financial service. You sign an agreement with LHV or Inbank. The bank pays your tuition fee to EBS and you will make monthly payments to the bank.


An instalments contract can be signed at the EBS Office of Academic Affairs quickly and conveniently without visiting the bank.

Students from Finland are eligible for financial aid from Kela, including the study grant, housing supplement and loan guarantees.


EBS awards the scholarships to Bachelor, Master´s and Doctoral first-year students, whose previous academic achievements, study motivation, social engagement and ambition are considered particularly worth recognition.  EBS awards scholarships to the applicants, who enrich the learning experience of their fellow students.  All the applicants, who have received the positive admission decision (conditional acceptance/acceptance) are considered for outstanding applicants scholarship.


Criteria for the scholarship:

  • the scholarship is awarded based on the submitted admission application (in SAIS/DreamApply) and the results of the admission interview. The evaluation criteria: motivation, ambition, argumentation;
  • the scholarship is awarded for one academic year and is the partial or full refund of the tuition fee;
  • the scholarship offers are announced on August 25.

Student Experience at EBS

To make your years at the university memorable and joyful, EBS Student Council organises many wonderful events for students. In the Student Council, you can have a say in topics related to university life and organise various entertainment events for EBSikas yourself. Great events and activities range from academic seminars to parties or community events like Haba Gala. Music lovers can sing in the EBS Chamber Choir

For athletic students, sports day, golf competitions, winter swimming, etc. are organised by EBS Sports Club. Several regular sports trainings also take place on a weekly basis and the school is represented in sports competitions outside Estonia as well.


Our events are a meeting place for students, employees, partners and alumni.