Admission process

We look forward to learning about you through your application to Estonian Business School.  Here you'll find a detailed explanation of the admission process to EBS and admission requirements for international students.  First-year applicants and transfer students both have to go through the admission process. 


All the international students have to apply through online admission platform DreamApply. Educational documents and admission information is processed only together with the application in DreamApply and after application fee payment.


While academic accomplishment is important, the Admission Committee is interested in learning more about your personal qualities and talents, extracurricular activities, and personal interests. We encourage you to share with us who you are and what if meaningful for you. This information will help us to understand how you expect to make the most of your time in EBS and how we can help you grow. 

Application process

Step 1: Online application in DreamApply

  • Create an account in DreamApply
    • The applicant has to submit the application in DreamApply and upload all relevant documents. In order to submit the application account in DreamApply has to be created. If you need guidance regarding DreamApply system, please follow the Applicant Help page;
    • All the communication regarding your application will be done via DreamApply system;
  • Fill out the application form
    • The application enables you to introduce yourself to the admission committee and gives the first impression. EBS values different backgrounds of students and is committed to creating an international learning environment;
    • In the application, you will be asked about your educational and professional experience, goals and future perspectives. We will also ask you to highlight why are you interested in the chosen program and attending EBS;
    • Please make sure you have checked out programme requirements before applying;
  • Upload proper scans of the following documents:
    • Previous education documents (certificate/diploma and grade transcript)
      • Check country-specific requirements to ensure the qualification you have is considered suitable for applying;
      • Add official English translation to your documents if necessary;
      • NB! If your final documents are not available yet, then upload your most recent academic transcripts in English;
      • Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for the studies in EBS an applicant has to have at least 60% of the highest possible GPA;
    • Proof of English language proficiency
      • Internationally recognised language test (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL)
      • Check the language requirements and waivers under frequently asked questions;
    • Passport copy

Step 2: Application fee payment


The application fee is 120€ and it allows the applicant to apply for 2 programmes during one application round:

  • The application fee invoice will be sent via DreamApply after admission team has received your application. Please keep in mind that the invoice is not generated automatically;
  • Application and relevant documents will be processed 7 days after receiving your application fee.  Candidates whose application and documents successfully pass the preliminary evaluation will get to the examinations status;
  • The application fee is non-refundable;

Candidates from EU/EAA countries and from Ukraine, Kazakhstan are exempted from the application fee payment.

Step 3: Admission interview


You will be contacted to schedule the admission interview. The interview will be conducted in English and is around 20 minutes. Admission interviews take place once a month.


The aim of the interview is to get to know more about the applicant. We expect you to share your story, journey towards EBS and your future aspirations.


We evaluate the admission interview based on 3 criteria:

  • Motivation
  • Ambition 
  • Argumentation skill

We encourage you to ask your questions about EBS during the interview.

Step 4: Admission interview result

We will inform you about admission interview result in 7 days.


If you successfully pass the admission interview you will be conditionally accepted:

  • To get full acceptance we would need you to fulfill conditions that are brought out in the conditional acceptance letter. Once they are fulfilled we will issue a final acceptance letter;

Step 5: Send your educational documents to EBS

Education documents should be sent only upon the request of the Admissions team.


The personal deadline for sending the documents is indicated in the Conditional Acceptance Letter that is issued via the DreamApply application system. You must send documents by the indicated deadline. If you fail to deliver documents by the deadline, your study offer will be dismissed. 


We would ask you to send us:

  • copy of passport identification pages (created by a photocopier);

  • officially certified education documents and authorised translations (if the originals are not issued in English).

Options for sending the documents:

  • Send us notarised and verified hard copies of the educational documents by post:
    • Please note that the application documents will not be returned
    • Contact details: EBS Admissions and Study Department, address: A. Lauteri 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia
  • If you are in Estonia already then you can come by the study department and scan the original documents as well. Please take the diploma, transcript and passport with you in this case;
  • Ask your previous education institution to send us the documents directly (from the official email to:
  • In case there are online verification services available in your country, then this option can be used as well.

All education documents sent to us have to be officially certified. A certified/notarised translation is a translation of an original document into English done by a certified translator, confirmed by a notary or issued by the educational institution who issued the original document.

If your institution where you obtained education does not provide your documents in English, you need an official notarised translation of the certificates into English.


Check out country-specific requirements for the required documents:

Country specific requirements


Have some questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section, perhaps the answer is already there:


Frequently asked questions

Step 6: Verification of the documents


To get full acceptance we would need an ENIC/NARIC evaluation and verification of your previous education:

  • To ensure that all submitted education documents are authentic and grant access to higher education in Estonia, they are verified by an Academic Recognition Information Centre called ENIC/NARIC;
  • EBS will send the educational documents for assessment to the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Center which evaluates foreign qualifications and compares them to the Estonian educational system;
  • The ENIC/NARIC evaluation can take up to a month;
  • Please note that a positive ENIC/NARIC evaluation decision is a prerequisite for receiving the final admission decision;

Step 7: Admission decision & tuition fee payment

Once we have an evaluation of the final documents your status in DreamApply will change to "Accepted". Tuition fee rates per academic year are available on the programme pages. 

After being accepted the student will be issued the tuition fee invoice:

Finnish residents:

  • The tuition fee is paid by semester (every half year). You can pay the semester tuition fee in one, two or four instalments. 
  • The first instalment of the tuition fee has to be paid by August 25;
  • You will receive an invoice with a personal deadline via MyEBS account.

EU residents:

  • The tuition fee is paid by semester (every half year). 
  • The tuition fee has to be paid latest by August 1;
  • You will receive an invoice with a personal deadline via MyEBS account.

Non-EU residents:

  • The tuition fee for the first study year is paid in one instalment;
  • The tuition fee has to be paid before your visa appointment with the Embassy;
  • You will receive an invoice with a personal deadline via email. 

Step 8: Acceptance letter

The final acceptance letter will be issued after the admission process is over. 


The acceptance letter is sent to an applicant, who: 

  • has sent all the required documents to EBS and received a positive evaluation from Estonian ENIC/NARIC center; 
  • has successfully passed admission interview;
  • has confirmed their study offer in DreamApply system;
  • has paid the tuition fee according to the invoice;

Step 9: Access to MyEBS account & course enrolment:

To give you a smooth start to your studies, we have moved the study contract (terms & conditions of study), course enrollment and payment to one platform called MyEBS.


Access to the MyEBS system is granted after the tuition fee payment. You will receive instructions about how to choose courses during July. You will also access the schedules in MyEBS.

Step 10: Arrival to Estonia

We would suggest planning your arrival 1-2 weeks before the start of your studies.


More information about EBS and studies can be found in the EBS Survival Guide, which can be accessed here. In the Survival Guide, there is also a separate section, which has information about accommodation, applying for visa & TRP, migration advisors contacts and working opportunities in Estonia.

Important dates

Application round for study year 2024/2025 opened in DreamApply.


The application deadline for non-EU applicants in DreamApply for the study year 2024/2025. 


The application deadline for study year 2024/2025 for applicants from EU/EAA countries, Ukraine, USA, Canada, and Japan.

Application deadlines


For applicants from
1 February – 1 April Application period for non-EU citizens
1 February – 1 June Application period for citizens EU/EEA countries, OECD member states, Ukraine, and non-EU applicants, who are residing in Estonia on a legal basis
1 February – 4 July Application period for Finnish citizens
Middle of August Start of studies for master's students
August 26-30 Introweek and start of studies for bachelor's students