Aleksandra Kekkonen

Aleksandra Kekkonen

Aleksandra Kekkonen

Senior Researcher, PhD
Additional information:

Aleksandra Kekkonen is a researcher at EBS with a background in international relations and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Institute of Problems of Regional Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the area of regional human capital development form 2013. The doctoral thesis topic is "Human capital of the region: formation and development in modern conditions".

Circular Economy and Sustainable Living enthusiast.

She worked as a researcher in human capital, the labor market, and education system development projects on the national and international levels for more than 11 years. The majority of projects included surveys and polls organization and implementation with companies on figuring out labor market and personal needs, both qualitative and quantitative.

Currently, her specialization is in the circular economy, green economy, and sustainable development. As a lecturer, she developed a scope of courses, e.g., Sustainable business solutions, Circular economy, Green economy, The Rise of the Machines, Macro-systemic Enablers, and Barriers to Circular Business Transition.

Starting in 2022, he will curate the specialization "Leveraging Green Economy Innovation " in the EBS master's program Business Innovation in the New Economy (MA) and the green economy micro-degrees under it.