Happy 106th Independence Day! Long live Estonia!

On February 20th, during a ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the republic, EBS rector Meelis Kitsing spoke about the role of education in achieving and maintaining Estonian freedom. He highlighted that many school pupils, students, and teachers participated in the War of Independence. Throughout history, schools and universities have been carriers of freedom, sharing knowledge, carrying the spirit of our nation, and spreading values that have helped us understand the meaning of freedom and inspired us to stand up for it.

Estonian Business School recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Kitsing mentioned, "We can say with great pride that the restoration of the Republic of Estonia and the growth of EBS have gone hand in hand. We would not have such a school, we could not offer such education and conduct such research if our free country had not been restored," he emphasised. 


Freedom is a very dear and special treasure to us Estonians. However, we are also aware that having our own country comes with responsibility, and throughout history, we have had to be ready to defend Estonia if necessary. 


"We are a community focused on growth and responsibility. We need to think about how we can contribute even more to maintaining freedom in Estonia and how we all can exercise our freedom as much as possible," Kitsing said. 


At EBS, we work towards this goal daily through teaching, learning, conducting research, and other activities. Many of us have found new ways to contribute to the preservation of freedom, for example, several members of the EBS community have enlisted as defenders of the state. 


"Let's all think about how we can better maintain and contribute to our freedom, and I am sure that we, as a community, will continue to do so," the rector encouraged in his celebration speech.



Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia!