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Academic writing in the Baltic States: rhetorical structures  through cultures and languages.
Multilingual dictionary.


Free Online Dictionaries
Dictionaries in different languages.


Different Estonian general and special dictionaries on the Internet.


Language Dictionaries and Translators
Dictionaries in different languages.


Merriam Websters Online Dictionary
Free online dictionary with audio pronunciations.


OneLook Dictionary
Provides possibility to find translations and definitions from different dictionaries.


Terminology Forum. Online dictionaries
Contains over 60 general and special dictionaries on various subjects.
Dictionaries on various subjects in different languages.

Literature, links:

E-books of Estonian literature.


A digital text repository for older Estonian literature contains 2,556 texts (1,999 digitised) from 338 authors, the total of 35, 594 scanned text files. In Estonian, in English and German.


History of Estonian literature from 1924 to 1925. A choice of full texts on fiction and biographies. In Estonian.


Estonian Literary Magazine
Journal of Estonian literature in English. Published 2 times a year.


Littérature estonienne
Estonian literature in French, incl biographies, reviews, translations and articles on fiction in full texts in French, e.g. F. Tuglas, A. H. Tammsaare, M. Under, D. Kareva, etc.


Kreutzwaldi sajand. Kalevipoeg
Website on Estonian literature in the 19th century. Full text of Estonian national epic "Kalevipoeg". In Estonian.


Journal of Estonian folklore and mythology. In Estonian.


Athena : authors and texts
E-books on fiction, philosophy, history, etc. In English, in French and German.


Barnes & Noble
E-books, audiobooks on different topics.
E-books on economics, entrepreneurship, management, information technology, statistics, etc, travel e-guides.


E-books in different languages.


eBook Business Collection (EBSCOhost)
E-books on different topics: economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, etc.
Access to EBSCO with MyEBS account.


Directory of Open Access Books.
E-books on economics, computer science, natural sciences. 


E-books on medicine.
E-books on economics, technology, natural sciences.


EU Publications
Library and archive of publications by European Union institutions and other international organisations.


Google Books
Monographs, e-books, incl contents and chapters in full texts.


E-books on social sciences, technology, etc.


Internet Archive
Digital library offering free access to books, movies & music, archived websites.


Loyal Books
E-books, audio books on different topics: linguistics, literature, history, etc in different languages, e.g. Russian, English, Spanish.


Multilingual Books
E-books in different languages, e.g. English, Russian, Italian, Spanish.


Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN) academic e-books on different topics, e.g. management, economics, etc.


Open Access eBooks on JSTOR


Open Culture
Audio books, online courses, e-books on different topics, e.g. literature, economics, biology.


Open Library
E-books on fiction.


PDF Drive
Contains freely available e-books for downloading on different topics.


Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog
Contains over 25,000 e-books on literature, history, religion in different languages, e.g. English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian,  French, Chinese.


ProQuest One Business
E-books on entrepreneurship, marketing, management, etc. Access with EBS user account.


Rakuten Kobo
Contains over 6 million e-books and audiobooks on different topics.

The Literature Network
Contains over 2,300 e-books and over 3,700 short stories and poems of different authors in English, e.g. M. Twain, E. Bronte, O. Wilde.


The Online Books Page
Contains over 30,000 e-books and e-publications on psychology, philosophy, social sciences, history, agriculture, technology, political science, literature, music and art.


The Online Library of Liberty
Contains over 1,450 e-books on economics, politics, history, law, philosophy, sociology, war, literature and art.


UC Press E-Books Collection, 1982-2004
Contains over 2,000 e-books from academic presses on economics, business, Asian studies, European studies, sociology, philosophy, science, history, music, art, religion, fiction, etc.


Электронная библиотека
E-books in Russian.