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From 3rd to 1st December 2019

eBook Harvard Business Publishing
Available in EBS local network.


The entrance to EBS Library is from inside the building from the 2nd floor down to 1st floor.

The entrance to the reading room of EBS Library on the 5th floor is through the staircases of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor (wing of Olümpia hotel).

These temporary changes are made due to the renovation works that are taking place in the building A. Lauteri 3, Tallinn.



Post address: A. Lauteri 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone numbers:
Phone: +372 665 1307 - Library
Phone: +372 665 1308 - Reading room



EBS Library is a special library, serving EBS students, lecturers, staff and the alumni of EBS. The collection is developed according to the needs of study programs and scientific directions in management, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, finance, etc. On January 1st 2019 the library collection holds 10,100 items (41,000 copies), incl 590 items available in e-versions and 45 periodical titles. 51% of the collection is in English, 46% in Estonian, 2% in Russian and 1% in other languages.


The e-catalogue of EBS Library is accessible through the Internet. We subscribe to business periodicals database ProQuest which permits access to 3,500 foreign periodicals’ full texts which contain articles on entrepreneurship, management, marketing and EBSCO databases which permits access to 21, 000 full texts on economics, social and humanitarian sciences. The databases are accessible also from outside the EBS local network, configuring the browser according to the instruction.


New users are registered in the library (I floor, room 118). There is a special box for returned books near the library where students can leave their books out of opening hours of library and reading room.


Reference books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks, Bachelor, Master and Doctor theses by EBS students as well as periodicals can be used only in the reading room (V floor, room 501). Library services are provided on the basis of the library rules. Every year the library organises courses for the first year students to introduce them the library services, databases and other useful information.


On payment of a small fee the library also allows clients from outside EBS to borrow books, use the reading room, computers and the individual study room.

Services of EBS Library

  • Lending books
  • A reference and information service
  • One-hour personal guidance - individual consultation appointment with librarian on a specific topic
  • Use of databases
  • Use of the reading room
  • Use of computers
  • Printing, scanning
  • Use of the individual study room
  • User education

Paid services

For binding of final thesis please contact:

Maarja Laos
Phone: +372 6651 333

Training of Information Literacy Skills

On the first and second Tuesday of every month, EBS Library conducts orientation hours. Course „Training of information literacy skills“ is carried out for the students to introduce e-catalogue URRAM of EBS Library, databases ProQuest , EBSCO and other information resources and methods of information retrieval on the Internet. Course duration is 1.5 hours, incl a 60 min lecture in the computer class and 30 min practical test in the learning environment Canvas.


Next Courses in english    
8th October Room 217 15:45 - 17:15
12th November Room 217

15:45 - 17:15

10th December Room 217 15:45 - 17:15




Phone: +372 665 1307


E-catalogue of EBS Library - books available in EBS Library and reading room.
To find theses defended at EBS choose book type - Manuscript. The theses graded with "A" in the last three years are available in the reading room of EBS Library (V floor, room 501). Online versions of the final theses can be found through the e-catalogue.
Final theses defended at Estonian Business School - user guide.

User guide - e-catalogue of EBS Library.


OPIQ - platform of e-textbooks of the AVITA Publishing House. In Estonian.

eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
Choose the databases eBook Collection and eBook Business Collection. E-books on management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, banking, etc in English. Access from outside EBS local network - configure the browser according to the instruction.

EBSCO database eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) - user guide.

Databases in EBS

The business periodicals database permits access to 3,500 foreign periodicals and contains articles on entrepreneurship, management, marketing, etc of which 80 % are full texts. To find scientific journals limit results to Scholarly journals, incl peer-reviewed.
Access from outside EBS local network - configure the browser according to the instruction.

User guide of ProQuest database.


EBSCO databases
EBSCOhost Web databases contain over 21,000 e-journals, e-newspapers and e-books, e-dissertations on economy, social and humanitarian sciences. To find scientific journals limit results to Scholarly journals, incl peer-reviewed.
Access from outside EBS local network - configure the browser according to the instruction .
User guide of EBSCO databases.


Academic Search Complete
Database contains over 12,500 e-journals, incl 8,500 peer-reviwed journals on psychology, sociology, politics, literature, music, etc and permits access to 13,200 publications, incl monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc.


Business Source Complete
Database contains over 2,300 e-journals, incl 1,100 peer-reviewed journals on entrepreneurship, marketing, management, accounting, finance etc. Enhanced Business Searching Interface - information about cited references, incl authors, articles, journals, etc.


eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
E-books on different topics : economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, etc.
EBSCO database eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) - user guide.


Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
MasterFILE Premier
Regional Business News
European Views of the Americas : 1493 to 1750
AHFS Consumer Medication Information
Open Dissertations


Google Scholar

Scholarly literature - publications, books, journals, articles, research. 

User guide of Google Scholar


Thomson Reuters Eikon
Thomson Reuters Eikon provides access to trusted news, data and analytics of various companies. Possibility to create tables and charts.
Access from outside EBS local network - user guide - study information system ÕIS - Good to know - Collective study materials - Access to Thomson Reuters Eikon database.
Support materials and training


The list of purchased newspapers and journals can be found HERE.

The periodicals can be read in the reading room of EBS Library (V floor, room 501).

New books

Overview of the new books in the library.

Subject Gateway

Subject Gateway permits access to different websites, databases, e-journals, reference materials, e-books, etc on the specific topics shown below.



1. Eetika eng.png      3. Haridus eng.png


4. Juhtimine eng.png   5. Kirjandusteadus eng.png   6. Kultuur eng.png


7. Loodusteadused eng.png   8. Majandus eng.png   9. Majandusarvestus eng.png

10. Matemaatika eng.png   11. Psühholoogia eng.png   12. Rahandus eng.png

13. Teadustöö eng.png   14. Turundus eng.png   15. Õigus eng.png

Book exhibitions

Social media - the leader of the information world (August - October 2019)
The exhibition introduces books on social media.


Friedrich August von Hayek - 120 years from birth (May - June 2019)
On May 8, 2019, 120 years have passed since the birth of the Austrian economist and philosopher Friedrich August von Hayek.


Estonian enterprises : from tradition to innovation (March - April 2019)

The exhibition introduces books about different companies, older and newer, smaller and bigger all over Estonia. 

Online exhibition HERE.


The Jubilee Year of Estonian Song and Dance (January - February 2019)
XXVII Song Celebration and XX Dance Celebration “My Fatherland is My Love“.


Online exhibition EBS 30 - history through alumni 

Series:  „Entrepreneurial alumni of EBS“, „Creative alumni of EBS“, „Teaching alumni of EBS“, „Publications of EBS through the ages“ 

Personal bibliographies of EBS lecturers


Series "Personal bibliographies of EBS rectors"

Series "Personal bibliographies of EBS lecturers"

Series "Websites of EBS lecturers"

Useful links

    Online catalogue of the Estonian libraries.
  • National Library of Estonia Search Portal
    The systematized retrieval system, incl e-books, e-journals, databases, catalogues of libraries, etc.
  • E-varamu
    The Estonian e-repository of digitized resources of the Estonian memory institutions, libraries, archives and museums. In Estonian, in English and Russian.
    Portal provides free acces to material from Finnish museums, libraries, archives. In Finnish, in Swedish and English.
  • Eesti Pank
    Bank of Estonia. In Estonian and English.
  • Suomen Pankki
    Bank of Finland. In Finnish, in English and Swedish.
  • Electronic Riigi Teataja
    Estonian legal acts, court juridical decisions, news, etc.  Translations in English and Russian.
    Finnish legal acts. In English, in Finnish and Swedish.
  • Statistics Estonia
    Statistical databases and publications. In English and Estonian.
  • Statistics Finland
    Statistical databases and publications. In English, in Finnish and Swedish.
  • Findicator
    Up-to-date information on key social indicators. In Finnish, in English and Swedish.
    The Statistical Office of European Communities. Statistics on the states of European Union. In English, in French and German.
  • Formatting of student papers in Estonian Business School : style guide. 2019. Tallinn : Estonian Business School.
  • Google Scholar
    Scholarly literature - publications, books, journals, articles, research. 
  • The World Factbook
    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Background information on different countries, maps, flags and international organizations in the world.
    Union Catalogue of Finnish Libraries.
    The gateway to all libraries in Finland. In English, in Finnish and Swedish.
  • Canvas
    E-learning environment.