Education. E-learning

Reference materials:

National Association for Gifted Children


Dictionary of Terms Used in Special Education



Database contains the bibliography of works on education. Compiled by the Academic Library of Tallinn University.



Institute of Educational Sciences, full text articles on education.


Haridussilm (Education Eye)
The Estonian education information portal brings together data on education, hobby education and language studies, incl research.


Youth Monitor

Noorteseire. Research, statistics on youth monitoring. In Estonian and English.


Academic Info: Education
Internet resources on education.


Best online colleges and universities
TOP 50 consensus ranked online schools in 2021.


Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN)


Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
In Estonian, in English and Russian.


European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)


The Information Network on Education in Europe
The network of the European education information EURYDICE, which mediates the information on educational research and databases between the member states of the European Union and EFTA/EEA (European Free Trade Association/European Environment Agency) countries.

E-learning, links:

Academic Info: Foreign Language Study
Online courses for learning foreign languages.


Online courses on different topics, e.g. economics, finance, geography, etc.



Coursera is an education platform which offers free online courses on different topics, e.g. mathematics, computer science, economics, education, law, social sciences, management, etc.


Different resources, e.g. infographics, how to start a blog, website, etc.


Ivy League online courses

250 Ivy League e-courses on various subjects, e.g. business, computer sciences, humanities, education.


LinkedIn Learning
Online courses on various subjects.


Free online courses from the world's leading universities on different topics: accounting, law, information technology, humanities, language study, chemistry, physics, statistics.
Over 500 free online courses from the world`s leading universities on different topics - art, career, college, culture, education, government, health, history, Internet, language, law, mathematics, psychology, science, technology.


Open Colleges
Portal of over 100 flexible online courses on different topics - accountancy, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc.


Saylor Academy
Free online courses on different topics - economics, computer science, psychology, etc.


Free online courses on technology and computer science.


Online courses on different topics.


Ülle Pihlak YouTube Channel Videos
Tutorials for creating business plans, starting companies, etc. In Estonian and English.


Academic Earth
Video courses from the leading universities. Topics - social sciences, entrepreneurship, management, mathematics, language study, law, art, music, etc.


Bain & Company
The videos on management, entrepreneurship, finance, etc.


EBSCO  Business Searching Interface
Videos of Harvard Business School.


Open Culture
Audio books, online courses, e-books on different topics, e.g. literature, economics, biology.