Financial Reporting Standards versus Managerial Reality

It is essential for any manager and specialist, including those working in the field of accounting and finance, to see how their job fits in the bigger picture not only in their own company but also globally. They are challenged by the conflict between being required to comply with the binding financial reporting standards and the managerial and entrepreneurial aims of decision-making.


This nanodegree is looking at how to make the best decisions for a company’s future from the financial management and decision-making point of view based on the information on past events in company reports. The nanodegree courses link the standardised financial reporting to managerial decision-making and develop financial communication skills required for:

  • pursuing a career in management by being able to make better financial decisions
  • starting a career in accountancy and applying for an international accounting qualification
  • improving your financial knowledge and skills as part of professional development

Subjects within the nanodegree


Learning Outcomes

1. Know the requirements set for the presentation of financial statements for single entities and business combinations in accordance with the IFRS
2. Be able to apply financial statement analysis to forecasting, investment screening and evaluation and communicate financial statement information to different recipients
3. Understand the nature and purpose of financial management, stakeholders and their impact on corporate objectives and take account of macro-economic factors on investment and financing decisions
4. Understand finance for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs), be able to use investment appraisal techniques for specific investment decisions and calculate and estimate the cost of capital
5. Understand the process of mergers and acquisitions and be able to identify and evaluate targets for mergers and acquisition, implement established and regulated practices and finance such acquisitions and mergers
6. Understand the impact of professional ethics on financial reporting quality and the differences between financial recording determined by standards and the real impact on management decisions


Price for the full module: 2250 €

10% discount applies for alumni.
It is possible to buy each course separately. 

Paying in two or more parts 35 € will be added to the total sum.


  • Basic understanding of finance and accounting or previously passed courses: principles of finance, financial accounting e.t.c
  • Bachelor degree and minimum 3-year working experience in the current field 
    or bachelor degree in business, management, economics 
  • Master sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • Please send us your CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

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