Estonian Business School admission 2024

The admission for the 2024/2025 academic year

Throughout its 35 years of operation, EBS has established itself as a highly esteemed provider of high-quality and practical business and entrepreneurship education. We continue to offer entrepreneurial knowledge and business education to future leaders, top specialists, managers, and entrepreneurs, opening admissions for the autumn of 2024. We welcome applications for our university bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programmes.

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Flexible learning opportunities for everyone

How can you stay ahead in your personal development and career in the face of constantly changing circumstances and new challenges? The answer lies in lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement. One way to continually acquire new skills and knowledge is to participate in open-level courses, which offer flexible learning opportunities and are suitable for different lifestyles and career choices. But what exactly does Open University mean, and what benefits does it offer? What should you consider when participating in open courses?

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EBS - Responsible Education

The year was 1988; the ideological directions were set, but one man, Madis Habakuk, envisioned a different future... For 35 years, EBS has been striving towards this alternative future every day. This remains crucial today, as we face changing expectations from people and society towards education. Education is and will always be the foundation upon which individuals can build a strong career and life.

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How Can You Navigate Challenges and Reap the Rewards of a Business Master's Degree?

Pursuing a master’s degree is a significant step that requires careful consideration and commitment. While it opens the door to numerous opportunities and advantages, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Understanding both the benefits and difficulties associated with earning a master’s degree can help prospective students make informed decisions about their educational paths.
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EBS - Community for Growth and Responsibility

Knowing that the future arrives faster than expected and that a university must be able to glimpse into the future while staying in the present has been natural at EBS throughout its entire operational history. The vision of EBS for the year 2028 highlights keywords such as lifelong learning, internationalisation, collaboration, and the synergy of science and entrepreneurship – to name just a few.

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Doctoral Studies at the Estonian Business School

EBS Doctoral Programme in Management is a unique, highly individualised double-track PhD programme, which focuses on real-world impact. Doctoral candidates are offered a choice between a classical academic research track and a NEW experimental applied track.

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in Tallinn and Helsinki

1100 students 28% are from abroad from 39 different countries
50 PhD students from 14 countries
2090 science publications
120 lecturers 30% lecturers from abroad
6200 alumni
35 years of business education
60+ partner universities in 31 countries
EBS graduates have larger income in their field than other university graduates.
Madis Habakuk

Modesty is a virtue but you will manage better in life without it!

Madis Habakuk, The founder of EBS