Turning your internship into a career!  


It’s no news that a successful internship can turn into a job. It’s also no news that you need to work for the spot. The Internship Program in EBS has received great feedback from all counterparts, both from EBS students and internship organisations. The purpose of the internship is to apply the gained academic knowledge to real life situations and to support the student’s development and career.  


Marge Täks, Head of the Department of Management, Senior Lecturer:   


"The internship is designed to give the student the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a work environment. Being an intern helps to deepen the understanding of self thus find the career passion. As an intern you find out where your strengths as well as your true passion lie. Additionally, the internship helps the student to understand what kind of a job they see themselves doing (or not) in the future, thus, enabling them to make better decisions about their career. Many of our students have landed their first full-time jobs as a result of an internship. Now that is what I call a true success story!”  


What is planned for the day:

  • Company presentations 
  • CV and personal branding workshop
  • Keynote speakers 
  • Student panel discussion
  • Meet and match event for the first-year students


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