Research seminar / 2.05.2023


Please join us on 2 May at 15.00 for a research seminar by Riina Koris. 
Location: Room number 415 and Teams. 


Riina Koris will introduce her recently published book (co-edited with Anders Örtenblad). 
This book channels the debate on the relevance, value, and future of business schools. Could the Business School be like the Titanic, thought to be unsinkable, but ultimately doomed? And if it sinks, what of it? Or is it a ship which can adapt to the changing waters it sails in? In this book, authors from around the world debate the current and future legitimacy of the Business School from different contexts and perspectives. While some see very little or no hope at all to the future of the Business School as a legitimate centre for research and education, others remain critical, but see a way forward to rectify today’s concerns, such as around sustainability and inclusivity. This book highlights to readers thought-provoking complexities on the Business School playground and its legitimacy.