Innovation and Fresh Perspective in Entrepreneurship Education: The Story of EBS Impactful Entrepreneurship Curriculum

EBS / Vanemlektor, Mõjuettevõtluse bakalaureuseōppekava kuraator
Entrepreneurship education has always been a challenging task, yet the EBS Impactful Entrepreneurship programme has managed to breathe new life into it. Entrepreneurship education shouldn't merely entail the transmission of business knowledge but should also help shape an entrepreneurial mindset, considering the broader social context in which entrepreneurship operates today. Thus, the innovative Impactful Entrepreneurship curriculum at EBS aims not only to develop students' practical entrepreneurial skills but also to broaden their worldview, encouraging them to act responsibly and creatively.

Marge Täks, the program director of Impactful Entrepreneurship at EBS and the initiator of its development, highlights its uniqueness and significance in today's educational landscape. Täks emphasises that the programme arose from the need to provide education that prepares students to tackle the challenges of the business world and become socially influential individuals. "Our goal is to merge business knowledge with social skills and shape students into not just entrepreneurs but entrepreneurial individuals who understand the impact of their actions and are ready to take responsibility. We hope and believe that they will evolve into responsible entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial employees who can create value for their employers and society at large," says Täks.


Sustainability and Innovation at the Core of Impactful Entrepreneurship

The Impactful Entrepreneurship programme, designed following the logic of the entrepreneurial process, covers a wide range of topics from generating business ideas and market research to product development, marketing, business growth, and exit strategies. Special attention is paid to sustainability, social impact, and innovation. Importantly, throughout the programme, students are encouraged to consider the broader impact of their actions, teaching them to think critically and responsibly. "We guide students to consider the long-term impact of their business ideas and projects on society, and we want our graduates to be aware of the impact of their actions and strive to create positive change," explains Täks.


Collaboration as Integral to Impactful Entrepreneurship

Collaboration lies at the heart of the programme, not only internally within the university but also with the wider entrepreneurship and education community. Whether through partnerships with incubators like the Loomeinkubaator, companies, internships at startups, or hackathons focused on solving real-life problems, cooperation is key. The programme's faculty and guest lecturers are industry experts who bring real-life experiences to the classroom, ensuring that students' education is relevant and up-to-date. Täks emphasises the importance of partnerships: "Close ties with companies and other organisations help us provide students with opportunities to solve real problems and gain valuable work experience. We offer students opportunities to participate in real projects, collaborating with startups and growth-oriented companies. When addressing issues related to business law, we cooperate with practicing lawyers, such as RASK Law Firm. Students engage with real entrepreneurial challenges, from business ideas to launching products or services, learning through both success and failure. The practical approach not only provides them with necessary skills but also helps shape their attitudes and values."


Impactful Entrepreneurship Driving Change and Shaping the Future

The Impactful Entrepreneurship programme represents a significant step forward in entrepreneurship education, offering a new, contemporary higher education that integrates business education with responsible behavior and innovation. It targets those who not only want to learn entrepreneurship but also to understand and apply its impact on society. It is designed for future entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone aiming to create positive change in the world. "Our vision is to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial individuals who are ready to lead change and shape the future," concludes Täks, emphasising the programme's contribution to students' personal development and societal impact.