The Golden Haba Gala 2024

On the 26th of April EBS hosted its highly anticipated annual event, The Golden Haba Gala. Thanks to Ester Nugis, who was the main organizer, we got to experience an unforgettable night. The Golden Haba Gala is a celebration of excellence and achievement within its vibrant community. It is our school’s recognition event, organised by our Student Council in memory of our dear professor Madis Habakuk, founder and economist of Estonian Business School. This prestigious occasion brought together students, alumni, faculty and other esteemed guests to honour individuals who have made significant contributions to EBS and its society.

EBS, Student Council:

The event unfolded many aspects. It began with two great speeches from Mart Habakuk and EBS’s Student Council’s chairman, Gabriel Männe welcoming the guests. Our hosts were Amorlianna Sanchez and Teemu Soisalo, who had amazing synergy for the whole night. Attendees got to enjoy a 3-course meal and listen to some wonderful jazz music, played by a Latvian saxophonist, EVA. Not only was there some jazz grooves, our own student, Artur Rennel, was our DJ for the night.


This year Haba Gala had the chance to collaborate with Samm Korraga, a sustainable fashion project, to create first-ever Haba Gala fashion show, showcasing sustainable ways to love clothes. This added an extra touch to the gala, making it one of the highlights of the night. In collaboration with Samm Korraga we had many sustainable fashion partners – Rentalier, Yaga, Riisaikel, Gowri and Uuskasutuskeskus, who helped find amazing outfits for our models. Our idea was to encourage others as well to buy second hand clothes or rent their outfits.


The main highlight of the evening was the award ceremony. 9 categories and 9 winners.

This year’s Haba Gala’s winners were:

  • Sharer of Knowledge - Aet Toots. The Finance and Economics Department lecturer who has 25+ years of experience in teaching. Head of IntBBA program.
  • Brain of the Year - Ester Nugis. A 2nd year International Business Admin, Finance & Accounting student. EBS Student Council Events Team member.
  • House Fairy of the Year - Ljudmilla Zubtšenko. EBS’s front desk's friendly face who offers kindness, assistance, and positivity, brightening the school.
  • The Biggest Party Soul - Aleks Timm. Impactful Entreprenuership, 2nd year student. Previously studied at Clevon Academy and Tal Tech Univeristy.
  • Activist of the Year- Amorlianna Sanchez. 2nd year IntBBA, Marketing & Communication student. EBS Student Council Events Team member.
  • Alumni of the Year - Randy Padar. Previously EBS Student Council Chairman, now partner at Novital Ventures Partner, advisor at Biteful and much more.
  • Ebster of the Year - Gabriel Männe. A Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, 2nd year student. Chairman of the Student Council.
  • Hebster of the Year - Veera Forsell. 3rd year International Business Admin, Finance & Accounting student. HEBS Student Council member.
  • Student Council’s Honorary Award - Made Katsević. Formerly from the study department, now excelling in marketing project management with an academic background.

The Golden Haba Gala not only serves as a platform to recognize individual’s achievements, but also underscores the collective spirit of excellence and community that defines Estonian Business School. These kinds of events remind us of the importance of celebrating the diverse talents and contributions that make EBS truly exceptional.


Thank you to all our sponsors: EBS, RedBull, SEIK, Rae Golf, Ööd Hotels, Nudist drinks, Mövenpick, Funrent, Funbox, Forgreenerlife, Ristiku Kohvipood. Thank you Samm Korraga team for collabing with us and making this event more special.

Special thanks to Ester Nugis for organizing this event and the team Hermiina Prave, Andreas Palm, Carmen Rand, Riya Gupta, Hendrik Rossar, Amorlianna Sanchez.


Golden Haba Gala 2024