EBS Helsinki alumna Juulia Karjula: "Improve Your Empathy. It cannot be replaced by AI."

EBS Helsinki Alumna Juulia Karjula
EBS Helsinki Alumna Juulia Karjula
Juulia Karjula graduated from EBS Helsinki in 2014. She is the founder and CEO of the creative agency Green Ray Creative. Through the work, she wants to help companies move towards a sustainable tomorrow.


  • Name: Juulia Karjula
  • Graduation year: 2014
  • Study Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, International Business Administration
  • Workplace: Green Ray Creative


Why did you choose to study at EBS?
I wanted an international degree and EBS offered an opportunity to study alongside my work. The location of the school in Helsinki was also important as I didn't want to move out of the Helsinki metropolitan area.


What did EBS give you?
Naturally, my language skills and vocabulary increased as my studies progressed. I learned a lot of theories and practices in the field of international business and marketing. Above all, I learned academic thinking, source criticism, scientific research, and argumentation. I believe that my problem-solving skills developed the most during my studies.


To whom would you recommend EBS?
I recommend EBS to everyone who dreams of an academic degree and plans to build an international career. EBS also offers great exchange study opportunities around the world.


What was your first corporate job?
During my studies, I worked as a consumer contact and webmaster for a leading hygiene and health company Essity (SCA at that time).


What are you currently doing for a living?
My most important job is being a mom to my child. In addition, I am the founder and CEO of a creative agency. Green Ray Creative is a carbon-neutral marketing and communication agency focused on sustainability.


What is your future dream?
Through my work, I want to help companies move towards a sustainable tomorrow. I believe that the future of the environment is still in our hands. I also want to contribute to social responsibility by reducing inequality and increasing inclusion in everything I do.


Alumni career advice:
Improve Your Empathy. It cannot be replaced by AI.



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