EBS has started a long-term collaboration with top legal experts of RASK

This autumn, a collaboration begins between EBS and RASK Attorneys-at-Law, driven by the university's mission to create a community for growth and responsibility, applying the best contemporary management knowledge to the challenges facing businesses.

Starting in November, third-year students of the EBS Bachelor's programme in Impactful Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to participate in a lecture series by top specialists from the RASK team. The series will cover topics such as corporate law, investment acquisition, and transactional matters. RASK experts will bring real-life examples into the classroom and share advisory experiences from the practice of a leading Estonian law firm.


According to Marge Täks, the head of the Impactful Entrepreneurship programme, understanding business law is important at all stages of a company's development. "Legal issues should be carefully considered even before founding a company. I am extremely pleased that we can enrich our programme with lecturers who advise companies daily on corporate law topics. Students specializing in entrepreneurship will undoubtedly find many ideas in RASK's seminars to apply in developing their own businesses," added Täks.


In addition to the Impactful Entrepreneurship program, RASK experts also contribute to the seminars of the joint Cultural Management master's programme by EBS and EMTA and are involved in the development of the updated Bachelor's program in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, specializing in technology entrepreneurship.


Ramon Rask, a partner and business law expert at RASK, sees benefits in the collaboration for both parties: "EBS can offer practical teaching, while RASK law firm can contribute to academic life, creating contacts and adding value for future entrepreneurs."


The partnership between the university and RASK law firm is designed for the long term, to support the spread of good corporate governance practices and enhance management quality in Estonian companies.