New programme! Entrepreneurship in Digital Era in Tallinn

Innovative programme for an entrepreneurial-minded people!


An innovative study programme ’’Entrepreneurship in Digital Era’’ is developed to meet the needs of the society and take into account best practices and our own 30-year experience in entrepreneurship education. The study process follows the steps in entrepreneurship processes and prepares you to operate in global markets and in an international business environment. The modules in the programme are held in teamwork format. During the study process, you will learn to create links between entrepreneurial theories and practices in the context of the digital era and solve problems in a creative way that arise in different stages of entrepreneurship. This programme is like participating in a business simulator - you will start with finding your business idea, creating the company with your team and finally liquidating it.

Why the Entrepreneurship in Digital Era study programme?

  • You will cover the whole lifecycle of being an entrepreneur during this study programme, starting with finding a business idea, creating your business and finally liquidating it
  • In order to create the most real-life learning experience possible, we abandon traditional subject-based learning
  • During teaching, each learner will acquire his or her skills as a team member, leader and mentor
  • The study programme is designed upon solving real-life problems as an entrepreneneur
  • You will be a part of an international network of fellow students with whom you can bring your ideas and dreams into life
  • Modern teaching methods are supported by the cloud-based e-learning platform Canvas, which is used by many of the top universities around the world
  • It is possible to use the mobility window during the fall semester of the second year to study at one of the 60 partner universities  worldwide. EBS has the strongest network of partner universities in Estonia specialising in business, such as EMLyon Business SchoolUniversità BocconiBI Norwegian Business SchoolKedge Business SchoolCopenhagen Business School and many others

The programme gives you necessary entrepreneurship skills, competences and attitudes:

  • Skills and knowledge important for entrepreneurship;
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills;
  • Digital skills, eg digital literacy;
  • Collaboration and communication skills;
  • Sales;
  • Positive attitude towards lifelong learning;
  • Emotional intelligence.

Graduate profile

After graduation of the curriculum, the learner acts on entrepreneurial opportunities in the digital era as an entrepreneurial person in an ethical, sustainable, and responsible way. The learner has developed digital knowledge and skills for implementing digital technologies into the processes of new and/or existing businesses, with the aim to enhance the productivity, scalability, and profitability of the business (Estonian Smart specialisation strategy).  On an individual level, the learner masters his/her abilities to develop entrepreneurial competencies and habits for life-long learning. On a team level, the learner applies entrepreneurial team experience beyond the University.


Learners can choose between 36 ECTS of Elective and  12 ECTS of Optional subjects. During the third semester, learners are expected to use a mobility window for studying abroad. Students are expected to do an internship during the second and fourth semester.

Each semester of this 3-year programme is dedicated to a different entrepreneurial stage.

Academic year 1

First stage is for forming your team and developing a business idea. This stage ends with pitching your idea to the real entrepreneurs and investors.



In the second stage, you create a virtual start-up, considering all important aspects of a real company.


Academic year 2


Third stage is where you create an action plan for developing the productivity and efficiency of your virtual company. 


In the fourth stage you develop a strategy for growing your business on international markets.


Academic year 3

Fifth stage focuses on liquidation strategy.


The last stage is for connecting everything you’ve learned during the programme by consulting early stage entrepreneurs and by writing a bachelor's thesis.


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Key dates

Application round for the study year 2020/2021 opens.

Applicants from Estonia & Finland can start studies in the Spring semester. International applicants can start studies only in the Autumn semester.

The application deadline for non-EU applicants in DreamApply for the study year 2020/2021.  
The application deadline in DreamApply for study year 2020/2021 for applicants from EU/EAA countries, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Canada, and Japan.


Admission process

  • Apply through  Dream Apply Student Admission Platform.
    *Non-EU citizens need to pay the application fee (120€) once they have received the invoice through the Dream Apply system. Application documents will be processed only after the application fee is received.
  • Send your educational documents to EBS to the following address: Admissions and Studies Office, Lauteri street 3, room 115, 10114, Tallinn, ESTONIA
    To whom: Liina Reimann, Admission Specialist
  • An admission interview will be held by EBS representatives via Skype or at the office.
  • Acceptance
    Once the student has sent all necessary documents for applying, has obtained the required level of English of and has successfully passed the entrance process (incl. interview) the Admission Committee will decide upon the student's admission.

    *If you are a non-EU citizen, apply for temporary residence permit for studies in Estonia. 

  • Tuition fee payment
    After being accepted the student will be issued the tuition fee invoice for one academic year.
  • Signing of the study contract
    When the student has arrived in Estonia and to EBS, then the study contract is signed between the student and the university.

Contact us

Liina Reimann

Phone: +372 665 1340


For entering the International Business Administration programme which is instructed in English applicants have to submit results of an internationally recognized test of English on a required level of B2 as follows:

  • TOEFL iBT score 87
  • IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing Service) 5.5 with 5.5 or above in each band.
  • Cambridge test - FCE, CAE, CPE

The internationally recognized test of English may be replaced by: 

  • Completion of previous educational level in a country where the English language is spoken as mother-tongue. EBS waves requirement only for the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
  • Completion of the previous level of education taught fully in English in EU/EEA member states. Please note that the transcript of record must include that studies were conducted fully in English.
  • A graduation certificate from an International Baccalaureate School with English result minimum 5
  • Other countries have to present an internationally recognized language test even if the student studied previously in the English language.
  • Oral and written entrance test in English at EBS 

Tuition fees and Financing Options

The tuition fee is paid by semesters or every half year. If the student is not studying fulltime, the tuition fee will be calculated based on the price of credit points. 

For EU citizens - daytime studies

The semester tuition fee for study year 2020/2021 for Estonian and other EU citizens is the following:

  • Paying in one part the semester fee is 2300 €/semester
  • Paying in two parts the semester fee is 2335 €/semester.
  • The fee for one credit point is 95 € (tuition fee is calculated on basis of ECTS point when a student studies part-time or would like to transfer some courses from another university and therefore does not need to take the whole/nominal program).
  • If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several installments by using the Study Investment.

Study Investment


For non-EU citizens

  • The tuition fee for the first study year (2 semesters) is 4600 €. The tuition fee can be paid only in one installment prior to the studies.



All the candidates, who have received the positive admission decision, hence acceptance letter from EBS, can apply for a scholarship. In order to apply, you need to write an official application letter to the Scholarship Committee. The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to review and award scholarships.


The Scholarship Committee makes the decision based on the applicants’ previous experience. Suitable candidates have an entrepreneurial mindset, excellent grades, and experiences outside the classroom.


In the application letter the candidate should mention: 

  • Why do they want to study at EBS and which program did they apply for?
  • How are they planning to use the knowledge they gain here and which goals have they set for themselves?
  • What kind of value will they bring to the classroom and to the studies here?

In EBS, the scholarship gives a discount on the tuition fee. Depending on the decision of the admission committee it can give a  25%, 50%, 75% discount of the tuition fee.

Scholarships are awarded once a year in August. Please send your application to by the 10th of July. EBS and our Student Council also offer different scholarships to outstanding students after the first year of studies.