Data Management and Business Innovation

The best-run companies are data-driven, and this sets businesses apart from their competition. Of course, experience and instinct play a role in good decision making, but they are not enough in today's competitive business world. Data provides the extra edge that businesses will need to succeed going forward and valuable insights that help you answer critical business questions. And those insights can be turned into decisions and actions that improve the business.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the subjects you have:

  • A systematic overview of the company's need for information
  • Better understanding how data can help you make smart business decisions
  • Ability to organise and use real-world data collections and data visualisation tools
  • Good understanding of the essence and describe the role of artificial intelligence in today's business environment - the opportunities and challenges it creates
  • In-depth knowledge of why artificial intelligence is vital for different business processes and the value AI creates

List of subjects

Here you can find subjects which will support you in becoming a specialist in data business. Make your choice based on your career and/or business’ needs. 

  • AI in modern business (3 ECTS) - spring 2021 semester (fully online)

The Emerging Technology course will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern business. The managerial perspective to AI will enable you to gain an understanding of how the growth and application of AI will change the business landscape. By the end of the course you are able to craft AI strategy for a business (course is in ENG).

  • Data Literacy (3 ECTS) - spring 2021 semester

Every business is dealing with an incredible amount of data. But collecting it isn’t the same as understanding it. Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data. It’s a skill that empowers you to ask the right questions of data and machines, build knowledge and make decisions (course is in EST).

  • Data in Business (3 ECTS) - TBA

Today, every business is data business. It is already revolutionising the way companies operate and it will become increasingly critical to organisations in coming years (course is in ENG).