Scholarship for short term study visits

Scholarship for short term study visits

Goal: Short study visits scholarship scheme supports up to 30 calendar day long visits with a goal to participate on international conferences, seminars or courses. 


Eligibility requirements: Scholarship is open for application to all EBS master and doctoral students, and young faculty members (younger than 35 years or who defended their PhD less than 5 years ago).


Amount of scholarship: Scholarship covers accommodation and travel expenses, daily allowance, and participation fee. Applicant must keep in mind that accommodation and travel expenses are set by set by unit prices, daily allowance is set to 32 € and participation cost is proved by invoice. Maximum amount of scholarship is 2000 €.


  • Daily allowance is 32 EUR per day;
  • Participation fee is covered according to invoice (early bird fee). Participation fee can also be financed from other sources;
  • The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and destination of the study visit. Only the online calculator of the European commission can be used for calculating the distance;
  • Only accommodation costs incurred abroad during the supported period of study visit are compensated by the travel grant. The accommodation grant is not to be paid for the night spent on a ship, a train or other transportation. Accommodation cost unit prices are calculated based on the length of the study visit: 2-6 days / 80 EUR per night, 7-14 days / 60 EUR per night, 15 and more days / 35 EUR per night.

See more information here: Dora+ mobility scholarships

Application procedure: Digitally signed (both by applicant and supervisor) application with supervisor’s recommendation must be submitted to Application period is from August to June (in July it is not possible to submit applications). 


Decision procedure: The decision on accepting/declining the application is made by the mobility committee of EBS based on the program quota and content of the application.


Financing: The scholarship scheme is financed 100% by the Education and Youth Board that will directly sign a financing contract of the applicant decided by EBS.