Module VI: "Bridging & Graduating "

Goal of the module 

After completing the sixth module you are able to create links between entrepreneurial theories and practices in the digital era for applying your learnings beyond the University. 

Short description of the module

During the current module, you will consult a real enterprise in entrepreneurial teams by applying your overall learning experience in the digital era. You will analyse and connect all learned theories and practices throughout modules, and write and present your graduation thesis as a team. In the digital context, you will learn the digital tools for research, and for reporting and presenting your project (word processing, data visualisation, reference management). Also, you will present your career plan as an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial employee. By the end of the sixth module you have developed a habit for forward-looking self-reflection and self-development. You have knowledge and experience in leading and managing entrepreneurial teams.


Core subjects: 18 ECTS

  • Coaching and mentoring entrepreneurial teams 9 ECTS
  • Bridging and graduating 9 ECTS

Final thesis: 6 ECTS

After completing this module you will:

  • create links between entrepreneurial theories, practices and experiences in the digital era
  • consult a real-life company for their business problem
  • create a toolbox for entrepreneurial team leadership
  • set an agenda for being an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial employee 
  • present a solution to an entrepreneurial problem clearly and convincingly using solid argumentation for the final thesis
  • apply appropriate methods for knowledge gathering and analysis (research methods) for the final thesis