Module III: "Calibrating business & discovering international opportunities”

Goal of the module

At the end of the third module, you are able to present a justified improvement plan for an enterprise to enhance its efficiency and productivity in the digital era. 

Short description of the module

The focus of this module is to develop your analytical mindset for enhancing the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise in the digital era. To achieve the module goal, you will explore either at EBS or, preferably, at one of our partner universities the principles and theories of market and competitor analysis, enterprise culture and process optimisation, business model innovation, change management, talent management, etc. Regarding digitalisation, you will explore topics such as data-driven decision making, automation, AI and machine learning for enhancing the performance of an enterprise. On the individual level, you will understand the importance of digital personal branding and how your personal values impact entrepreneurial activities and decision making. The final project in this module is written in virtual teams using digital tools due to the mobility window.

Core subjects: 6 ECTS (virtually from EBS)

  • Preparing your business for internationalisation 6 ECTS

Elective subjects: 12 ECTS (mobility window)

Optional subjects: 12 ECTS  (mobility window)

After completing this module you will:

  • value different theories, frameworks, best practices for improving the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise in the digital era: market and competitor analysis, business model innovation, enterprise culture, and process optimisation, automation, data driven decision-making, AI, machine learning, talent management, etc.
  • present justified improvement plan for an enterprise
  • evaluate opportunities and challenges of virtual teamwork
  • revise your personal development plan, based on values and personal brand development
  • develop further transferrable competencies needed in the process of calibrating the enterprise