Module I: "Seeding & Starting up "

Goal of the module

After completing the first module you are able to orientate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop an initial business concept considering ethical and sustainable aspects in the digital era.

Short description of the module

During the first module, you will experience the seeding and starting-up phase of the entrepreneurial lifecycle in the digital era. You will develop an initial business concept in teams and present it to the examination commission (consisting of external experts and entrepreneurs). To achieve the module goal, you will study the principles and theories of economics, entrepreneurship, management, business law, etc. related to the phase of seeding and starting up in the digital era. In the digital context, you will understand what impact digitalisation has on the economy and how it challenges the future enterprises and the entrepreneurs. On the individual level, you will understand the importance of entrepreneurial competences and develop a draft plan for self-development. On the team level, you will explore yourself as an entrepreneurial team member and understand the basics of team dynamics, roles, and rules. 


Core subjects: 24 ECTS

  • Discovering entrepreneurial landscape & opportunities 12 ECTS
  • Exploring the market opportunities and business modelling 12 ECTS

Elective subjects: 6 ECTS


Beginning of the module


End of the module

After completing this module you will:

  • develop an initial business concept together with a team including essential aspects and documentation
  • value different theories, frameworks, and best practices for starting a business, knowledgeably in the digital era: the basics of entrepreneurship, management, law, ethics, accounting, marketing, and communication
  • present a business concept along with solid argumentation as a team
  • establish roles/rules for an early-stage entrepreneurial team
  • develop an initial personal development plan based on the entrepreneurial competence model
  • develop further transferrable competencies, needed in the process of seeding and starting-up