Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Innovation Management

Companies lack critical knowledge on how to create an environment for innovation, find and execute innovative ideas, manage change in a rapidly changing economic environment, and bring innovation and creativity into traditional culture of entrepreneurship.


The objective of this nanodegree is to help you become skilled and knowledgeable in the following topics:

  • Implementing innovation projects for new business opportunities
  • Understanding innovation culture and how to implement and scale it in the organisation
  • Leading innovation processes and designing entrepreneurial-minded and sustainably innovative companies


Subjects within the nanodegree

  • Search for Business Model. How to conduct a practical innovation project in order to find new business models and potential growth (6 ECTS)
  • UI/UX and Google Analytics. Prototyping. How user experience can make or break you, practical tools, examples. Google Analytics and data analysis (3 ECTS)
  • Internal innovation. Different approaches and methods for internal innovation (incl. Design Thinking etc). Discussions over different approaches and methods (3 ECTS)
  • How  to  develop  company’s  DNA.  Creating  an  innovation  strategy  plan  and implementing it into the company’s DNA (3 ECTS)

Learning outcomes

The module provides the following knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • How to design and execute innovation experiments, in order to find solid evidence for new business models
  • How to define and validate the problem
  • How to prototype and validate the solution (UI/UX and Google Analytics)
  • How to measure success
  • How to find and implement innovation projects
  • How to develop company’s DNA; creating an innovation strategy plan and implementing it into the company’s DNA


Price for the full module: 2250 euros per participant  

10% discount applies for alumni.


If you pay by two or more installments, there is an additional charge of 35 euros added to the total sum.


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Kati Miller


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