Pablo Veyrat Cendoya

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Pablo Veyrat Cendoya

Junior Research Fellow
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Pablo is a lecturer in Sociology and Social Psychology at the Estonian Business School and has previously worked as an independent journalist specialized in the FSU region for about 10 years. After reporting in Ukraine in 2014, he went on to pursue an M.A. in Philosophy, and geared towards academia.

His research interests range from philosophical issues related to power and its nature to ethics, the political meaning of adulthood and the origins of solidarity. Pablo`s work is informed by the professional skills and habits he acquired as a journalist: to constantly connect facts to theory in order to see the greater picture; of relentlessly pursuing facts and sources; the ability to see a story; the capacity to quickly adapt to changing circumstances on the ground; and his experience as an interviewer. All these combines with his background in the social sciences (M.A. in Social Psychology) and in the humanities (M.A. in Philosophy).

As a teacher or speaker, Pablo is articulate and able to convey complex ideas in a few words. In the classroom, he gives priority to understanding the student's background, and to creating an atmosphere of openness, where students can discuss the subject at hand from their own point of view, and thus engage with the subject on their own terms. 

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