Student Council




We see the EBS Student Council as a small family, where we work very hard to help our fellow students and provide them with all kinds of activities and events, to make the memories of their 
school years matter and last a lifetime! We’re a bunch of active Ebsters and our door is always open for everyone with ideas, questions or even if you’re just looking for some new friends! 



The events and activites we organize vary from Poker Nights to Halloween Parties. That’s right, we try to organize something for every taste! Of course, we haven’t forgotten our sporty Ebsters. Keeping them in mind, we have organized Sports Day, Spring Swimming and we also have football practices! The biggest event of the year is the Golden Haba Gala, where we dress up all fancy and celebrate our students and lectors with prizes.

But events are not the only thing we do, far from it. We listen to your worries and try to help as much as we can! We try and make the school life better with each day that passes. We believe that the years in Estonian Business School will help you grow as a person, so as we like to say: make it matter!




Golden Haba Gala 2018

Golden Haba Gala 2017

EBS Sports Day

EBS Halloween Party 2017




Chairman and Board Member

Cathy Vivien Vahi



Education Councillor

Nataly Roose



Communication and sponsorship Councillor

Hanne-Lore Väin




Office Manager

Kätlin Rebane

EBS Student Council Field Managers

Karolin Veeorg - Events Team Manager -

Brigitta Perlmann – Editor in Chief -

Arles Krämann – Marketing Manager -

Michael Sander– Sports Team Manager -

Marina Zimakosova– Head of International Club -




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