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EBS launched its first podcast series "JUST GO" with EBS third-year student and stand up comedian Caleb Brunick that focuses on the ERASMUS exchange program. Why to go, where to go and what can one expect out of the exchange semester? 


The podcast is recorded in the brand new EBS studio on the 4th floor of the main building in Tallinn. 

#1 podcast - Italy 

# 2 podcast - the Netherlands

# 3 podcast - Australia 

# 4 podcast - the Czech Republic

# 5 podcast - Austria 



  • #1 show is about studying in Italy. Our guests are Randy Padar who is the chairman of EBS Student Council and Elié B. Akili who is currently a third-year student, both have spent a year as an exchange student in Italy. 

Listen here: 




  • #2 episode is about studying in the Netherlands. Our guests are Kristi Põldmäe and Alexander Neumüller.

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  • #3 episode is about the land down under - Australia. We invited three guests, guest lecturer Dr Jeff Jarvis who is from Monash University and two EBS Masters students Dasha and Marina.

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  • #4 episode is about Czech Republic, Prague. Our guests are Marina Zimakosova and Katarina Zigura.

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  • #5 episode is about Austria, Vienna. Our guests are Carlos Gordillo and Maria Sorainen.


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