Summer programme Future Founders

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"Learn from the best, get inspired!"


For the very first time, Europe’s most experienced B2B startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys together with Estonian Business School have designed and developed an intensive 11-day summer programme Future Founders for students who want to take a closer look into the fast-growing startup world with industry experts by their side.


This programme is tailored to share real business world experience with aspiring future founders by introducing them with a mindset of creative innovators who can recognise the needs of modern customers.


The teaching methods and covered course content have been developed from already existing acceleration programmes organised by Startup Wise Guys helping promising startup founders to scale their products globally.

The goal

The main goal of this programme is to equip students with an understanding of business problems, strategies and leadership decisions.


By using different teaching methods, practical tasks and personal experience, our experts will help students to critically assess problems and introduce them with useful toolboxes to tackle these problems with the appropriate and creative solutions.

Who is welcome to participate?


  • within the age of 16-22
  • fluent in English
  • with an international and open mindset
  • have a passion for learning and self-development

Yes, this is me! I want to participate

Programme highlights

  • Workshops and lectures by international industry experts
  • Practice related projects
  • Startup/company visits
  • Mentor feedback and guidance
  • Networking events

Programme outcomes

  • Learn what it takes to build a successful startup from experienced founders and experts
  • Meet, collaborate and network with like-minded ambitious students
  • Develop leadership and decision-making skills, to help you thrive as a founder
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and build a strong team
  • Discover your strengths and talents and how to use them best to grow your company
  • Get a real and honest look at the exciting world of startups



Registration deadline


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First day of the programme


Final day of the programme:

Demo day

Programme overview

The course is split into two modules:

  • During the first 5 days, students will be mentored and trained through seminars and workshops to see value in a broad spectrum of topics such as teamwork, creativity, productivity, finance and sales.
  • The additional 5 days are dedicated to solving real-life business problems.


By using Design Sprint methodology developed by Google Ventures and working together with like-minded aspiring future leaders, students will be challenged to come up with the problem solution which will be presented at the final Demo day!


There is one day in between the modules in which team building / outdoor activities or a small trip will be organised.



  • Registration
  • Introduction
  • Welcome activities
  • Lecture: Team - one of the key elements to success
  • Opening event
  • Lecture: Startup scene in Baltics
  • Workshop: Experimentation and Blue Ocean
  • Workshop: Critical thinking
  • Founder story and/or startup visit
  • Lecture: PERFORM methodology
  • Workshop: Productivity
  • Lecture: Mental toughness
  • Evening activities
  • Lecture: How to learn coding in a day?
  • Workshop: App development
  • Lecture: Acting and public speaking
  • Workshop: Public speech
  • Lecture: Digital marketing
  • Group work
  • Midterm evaluation


At the end of the first week, students will be divided into groups of 5. Teams have to come up with the problem to which they will try to find the best solution during the second week.




  GV: The Design Sprint
Day 1

Creating a path for the week, long-term goals, create a map, pick a target

Day 2

Focus on solutions, remix and improve, sketching

Day 3

Critiquing solutions, decision time, creating a storyboard

Day 4

Prototype creation and reviewing, interview script

Day 5

Test day, interview customers, presentations


Final Demo day


Closing event


Every day of the second week is dedicated to a special stage of the problem-solving process. In order to achieve the best possible results, Startup Wise Guys Partners and Team Members will be assigned to the teams as mentors and facilitators.


All of the developed solutions will be presented at the final Demo day. For the project evaluation, guests and experts will be invited.

Tuition fee

Early bird: 800 euros (until 20th of July)

Regular bird: 1200 euros


Register here

Guest lecturers
*Due to current situation and travelling restrictions, mentor list might change
Cristobal Alonso

Cristobal Alonso

Cristobal Alonso is an experienced serial Entrepreneur, serial early-stage investor, and Global Executive (with focus on telco, media & software development) and INSEAD MBA. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, Cristobal leads as “el Patron” Startup Wise Guys, the most experienced B2B accelerator in Europe, with more than 185 investments in early-stage SaaS, Cyber and Fintech B2B companies. He focused on coaching startups on Purpose & Culture, Funding and Pitch training. Cristobal has extensive experience as “the public face” of media outreach campaigns and as a frequent speaker at Webinars, Startup and Telco conferences and panels. Now he is in the process to finalize his 1st book #Perform, the Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success, together with his co/author Stoyan Yankov.
Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan Yankov

Productivity & performance coach, professional speaker and a long-term SWG coach. He is a former movie & video producer with multiple awards for his work. Driven by his passion for personal growth, he switched careers and became an advocate for productive and fulfilling work environments. Today Stoyan is recognised as a leading expert in productivity, having coached hundreds of startups teams in over 20 countries. Stoyan is also finishing his book “PERFORM - the Unsexy Truth of (Startup) Success” with co-author Cristobal Alonso.
Farid Singh

Farid Singh

Specialist in converting ideas and research to the product; Experienced in Lean product development, Blue Ocean Strategy, design thinking, market development. Digital Transformation product manager with more than 10 years of experience building solutions, centered around UX, technology, research and data insights.
Dan le Man

Dan le Man

Live performance professional with 15+ years experience in theatre, circus, music and comedy. He'll make you more comfortable, confident and help you keep your cool when presenting in front of a live audience. You'll be ready to tackle large public presentations, high stakes one-on-ones and pitching on the fly without stress, awkwardness or hesitation.
Brianna Quintero

Brianna Quintero

International public speaking coach and communication lecturer specialising in persuasion, intercultural communication, and speech writing. She has 7+ years of experience training working professionals, government officials, entrepreneurs, and students, including competitive collegiate speakers. Her goal is to help others develop authentic, intentional, and effective messages using scientifically proven strategies and engaging activities.