Digital Marketing I

Marketing has always been about businesses connecting with their audiences in the right place at the right time. With the continuous emergence and widespread adoption of the internet across multiple business types, digital marketing has become an essential part of every company’s business strategy. Not only does digital marketing allow companies to boost their brand and their visibility, but it has also become a key part of driving direct sales, user acquisition, effectively entering new markets or user segments - essentially increasing the performance and effectiveness of companies. Therefore, it’s crucial to gain an understanding of how digital marketing ties into the overall marketing and further business strategy, and how it can be effectively leveraged to achieve the primary goals of any company.


The primary goal of the nanodegree is to provide hands-on experience on how marketers think and implement their ideas. We will cover the essentials of digital marketing as a whole, with the focus on Google marketing products: the recent trends and development of digital marketing, a practical deep-dive into marketing types (Search, Display, Video, App advertising), ways to measure marketing activities and beyond that.


The target audience for this nanodegree are Marketing specialists and C-/B-level managers of SMBs or enterprises who are passionate about marketing and responsible for decision-making in sales and marketing. Previous bachelor degree and 3-year working experience in business or entrepreneurship is required.


Responsible lecturers: Toomas Danneberg  (EBS), Kristina Randver (Google)

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course you acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in:

  • Understanding digital marketing trends and developments, how to navigate in this fast-changing environment
  • Understanding the essence and the value of digital marketing for a business, what kind of opportunities and challenges it brings
  • Understanding the tools and knowing what tools are relevant in planning, creating and analysing digital marketing activities
  • Creating a strategy, planning and analysing real-life digital marketing campaigns
  • Learning and experiencing how to define marketing challenges and initiative in leading the digital marketing campaign
  • Being open and able to explore and test digital marketing in the media mix
  • Challenging the team or partners in digital marketing strategies and have a vision of how to grow and expand a company in a digital world

Subjects within the nanodegree

Learning environment

EBS modern technology-enhanced learning environment. World-class learning management system Canvas for all learning materials and for supporting and facilitating independent learning for team- and individual work.

Learning methods and theoretical concepts

Practical and interactive seminars using modern learning methodologies and flipped classroom approach. Mastering team-work, critical thinking, creative and problem-solving skills. Independent learning based on study materials on Canvas LMS and provided by Google digital platforms for learning skills (Google Digital Garage, Google Skillshop, Think with Google, Google My Business) and for getting data (Google Market Finder, Google Trends, Google Consumer Barometer, Google Ads & Keyword planner).


The module and the subjects in the module are graded according to EBS Grading System. To acquire the 15 ECTS credits eligible for master studies a participant must accomplish four subject assignments and capstone project on positive result.


Subject assignments (4 assignments)

Capstone project (final project)


Total points/ share of the score





Price for the full module: 2250 €

10% discount applies for EBS alumni.

It is possible to buy each course separately. 
Paying in two or more parts 35 € will be added to the total sum



  • Basic understanding of and passion for marketing
  • Bachelor degree and minimum 3-year working experience in the business or marketing field 
    or bachelor degree in business, management, economics 
  • Master sufficient proficiency in English (B2)
  • send us CV or LinkedIn profile
  • Passed consultation with EBS consultant

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Toomas Danneberg

Toomas Danneberg

Responsible Lecturer
Kristina Randver

Kristina Randver

Responsible Lecturer
Justas Ložinskas

Justas Ložinskas

Visiting Lecturer
Andreea Simulescu

Andreea Simulescu

Visiting Lecturer
Jakub Váchal

Jakub Váchal

Visiting Lecturer