EBS Incubator

For leaders who are inspired by innovation!

Who can take part? 

  • All entrepreneurship-minded students from EBS high school and university from Tallinn and Helsinki campus;
  • EBS alumni.

How it is organized?

  • Each month new event focusing on one primary topic.

What is happening?

  • Inspirational talks from experts and company owners;
  • Workshops on the topic;
  • Networking with mentors and other participants.

EBS Incubator:

  • brings together like-minded entrepreneurial people, who´s dream is to get their idea from paper to real world and make it happen;
  • organizes events, where you can meet and greet successful business people from different areas;
  • networking with alumni;
  • connects you with your fellow students from EBS Tallinn and Helsinki.

Main questions, what we will focus on:

  • Vision Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • Goals What do you want to achieve?
  • Focus To what and to whom you have to focus?
  • Direction  What is your action plan?
  • Leadership How will you do it?

You are welcome to 28th of September, at 16.30-18.00 in the main hall (room 413)

where we have great opportunity to meet and greet special people:

Be part of a community with great mentors; interesting workshops; inspiring speakers; future millionairs!


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Intro Event 

Programme overview

  • 6 events;
  • Once a month;
  • By turns in Tallinn and Helsinki;
  • Every event is with special focus area;
  • Networking with mentors and experts of the field.
  2. 28th of September, at 16.30-18.00 Intro event. FREE of charge! 
    To meet and greet and get more detailed programme overview.



  1. Next events and main focus topics:
  2. October - Personal development
  • Powerless to powerful - taking control
  • Career building (branding & networking)

  1. November - Business development
  • Urban Safari: finding problems worth solving with your business
  • Company Safari: finding business opportunities worth solving with your company
  1. December - Marketing and branding
  • Creating timeless brands
  • Storytelling
  1. Further sessions to be announced in January 2021

Participation fee

For EBS student:

Intro event is FREE

One time fee 10€ / per event (starting October)



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Cathy Vivien Vahi

Team leader at Tallinn campus

Amanda Tuominen

Team leader at Helsinki campus