EBS Incubator

For leaders who are inspired by innovation!

Who can take part? 

  • All entrepreneurial-minded students from EBS high school and university from Tallinn and Helsinki campus;
  • EBS alumni.

How it is organized?

  • Each month new event focusing on one primary topic.

What is happening?

  • Inspirational talks from experts and company owners;
  • Workshops on the topic;
  • Networking with mentors and other participants.

EBS Incubator:

  • brings together like-minded entrepreneurial people, who´s dream is to get their idea from paper to real world and make it happen;
  • organizes events, where you can meet and greet successful business people from different areas;
  • networking with alumni;
  • connects you with your fellow students from EBS Tallinn and Helsinki.

Main questions, what we will focus on:

  • Vision Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • Goals What do you want to achieve?
  • Focus To what and to whom you have to focus?
  • Direction  What is your action plan?
  • Leadership How will you do it?

Programme overview

  • 6 main events once a month
  • In addition, side events for registred students!
  • Every event is with special focus area;
  • Networking with mentors and experts of the field.


Be part of a community with great mentors; interesting workshops; inspiring speakers; future millionairs!

I am interested being a mentor


​Data and cybersecurity

Next events and main focus topics:

​Data and cybersecurity

  • What you have to know about data, data collection and protecting it?
  • At what point it is important to focus on cybersecurity issues?

Key note seakers:

Highly motivated, experienced and results orientated Cyber Security Risk Manager and IT auditor. I have over 20 years experience in the IT and Cyber Security. He is an author of the book "Lessons Learned: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection - How to protect critical information infrastructure"


Past events


Sustainable and social entrepreneurship


Online recording

  • How difficult is to start sustainable business? What factors you should consider? Can it be profitable? 

  • What is social entrepreneurship? What is the difference between social, impact or sustainable entrepreneurship?

Key note speakers:

Marek Suchaževski had the idea of CupLoop at the Telliskivi street food festival in 2018, where the process of returning the deposit for reusable packages was slow and inconvenient. "Standing in line and counting the cups was such a disaster, all the visitors were angry and impatient," Suchaževski recalled.


So he thought the process should be automated and at the end of the same year CupLoop was founded.
The idea of CupLoop is simple: you put reusable cups or packages into the machine, confirm the amount of the deposit return that appears on the screen and gets the money back to the bank card. CupLoop helps companies to switch from single use plastics to reusable RFID-tagged packages cost-effectiveley and conveniently, at the same time countries and companies can reduce the costs of the new plastic tax.
CupLoop is building the future without plastic waste. 🌿


Esme Kassak has worked as a journalist, project manager and communication specialist, lately in the largest security company G4S. Working there, she also ran some charity projects, for example gathering food for Food Bank or donations for Uuskasutuskeskus (Re-use Centre). Three years ago, she felt a need to experience something new and started volunteering in several projects, including World Cleanup Day and JCI World Congress. Since last autumn she has devoted herself to Uuskasutuskeskus, where she works as a communication and marketing manager. All those green R-s are still very important for her: reuse, reduce and recycle. What a lifestyle it can be!
Uuskasutuskeskus is making efforts every day to save things in good condition from ending up in landfill. Uuskasutuskeskus gathers used things and gives them a new life by passing on to others to be used again. Some items are donated to people in need; the majority are sold at friendly prices. That way Uuskasutuskeskus is able to cover its operating costs and also to open new shops all around Estonia. There are 15 Re-use Centre’s shops right now, adding to that online-shop. The newest shops are real myth busters, providing a modern shopping environment with light interior. Such shops may also help people more easily to make friends with second-hand items. 


Business and Finance


Online recording 

  • How to get money - how to be attractive for investors and what are the pitfalls of getting investors onboard
  • How to manage money - how to make sure that use the money wisely and common mistakes organisations make when they are managing their money


Key note speakers:

Liisi has previously been working as a financial consultant in Estonia and in the UK. For the past ten years she has been building up and running the financial processes and BI competence centre in Eesti Energia. As head of Finance at Eesti Energia she had the opportunity to lead a team of 90 superstars. Currently she is the board member and CFO of Bondora Group, a fintech aiming to be the next of Estonia’s unicorns. She is also collaborating with the major Estonian universities to combine curriculums with practical, real life experiences. In 2021 she is also one of the tutors in EBS’s internship program.  

"I started my career as an entrepreneur in 1995. My academic background is tied to the startup scene, as my BA thesis at the Estonian Business School focused on the case study of the school’s startup incubator, while my MBA thesis described ways to finance startups. In 2012-2014 I studied venture capital management at the distinguished Kauffman Program in Silicon Valley as the first student from the Baltics. 

I have established 5 companies and have been involved in nearly 150 investments in total, with interests in both the old and new economies. Successful exits include Unity, which I founded in 2004 and portfolio management firm SmartAd, which was sold to the Modern Times Group (LSE: MTGBS).

I began investing in the technology sector in 2007, when in partnership with other investors I established an investment-portfolio management company called PoohTech. I went on to invest in a developer of mass-transit information and ticketing systems, called Ridango, and the renowned Estonian startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys, which has raised €5 million in private and public funding (including from the European Commission and SmartCap) to coach and invest in 145 companies across CEE.
I am actively involved in professional organisations such as the Estonian Startup Leaders Club, the Estonian Business Angels Network. I act as a mentor to several companies and aspiring entrepreneurs at Startup Wise Guys as well as for the Estonian tech-talent competition Ajujaht. 

My professional strengths include possessing a sound knowledge of management in both the old and new economies and a good understanding of corporate governance – skills that come from my experience as a supervisory board member at a number of companies. Other strengths include the ability to raise funds, particularly from banks, and helping companies reach success in export markets.  



  1. Marketing and branding


Online recording

  • Creating timeless brands
  • Brand storytelling

Key note speakers:

For 15 years, sales and marketing have made Evelin’s eyes sparkle. She believes in lifelong learning, and in addition to a master’s degree in management and marketing, she is constantly developing herself in various fields. Her latest job was that of sales and marketing manager of Sokos Hotels Tallinn. About a year ago she decided to give up her job, leap into the unknown and become an entrepreneur. During the first year she started two companies. One of them, Your Brand Up Studio (www.brandup.ee) helps companies of various sizes succeed in sales and marketing. Its specific focus is on branding as well as on other new trends in marketing such as identity, content, experience marketing and service design. In addition, she has organised training seminars and consultations in these areas. Her other company deals with Estonishing Stay guest apartments (www.estonishingstay.ee) that are unique in Estonia. These apartments offer, on the one hand, the comfort of a luxury hotel, and on the other hand, the homely, warm feeling and the hospitality characteristic of the philos- ophy of Airbnb. She has published a book “The Brand Named You”.


“Problems are actually opportunities to make a difference.” Mariell Toiger is working as the Marketing Director for Finland and Baltics at Paulig Group. What really sparks up her eyes in marketing and leadership is how the creative and analytical sides are being combined. For over a year now she has been working as a Marketing Director, taking care of all of our brands in Finland and Baltics - Paulig, Santa Maria, and Risenta. She is a team lead for 34 people from which half are in the Baltics and the other half in Finland. 




Business Development (in cooperation with JCI Estonia)

  • Urban Safari: finding problems worth solving with your business / startup mindset
  • Company Safari: finding business opportunities worth solving with your company / intrapreneurship mindset 

Videos of performers and panel discussion:

Key note speakers:

Kaspar is a highly competitive person. He got it from Hockey and inline skating competitions throughout the years. Professionally always pushing the boundaries he has moved from engineering to sales and entrepreneurship. Today he is the co-founder in Silva Hunt and acts as the Managing Partner in AVAR agency. 

Silva Hunt helps e-residents thrive in their business by offering them bookkeeping service with law- and tax consultations.
AVAR creates Virtual Reality solutions for customers in real estate market and manufacturing plus Virtual Tours to companies who want to stand out, save time, find new customers and cross borders digitally. 


He’s been JCI Toompea (Estonia) member since 2017. The most notable project for him has been the JCI World Congress 2019, Tallinn where he was an active member in the team and co-hosted the Opening Ceremony. 


"Hello, my name is Mart and I’m an accomplished professional with a wealth of expertise in new business development and major market expansion. I have demonstrated success in developing IT/business consulting department and services from scratch, redesigning a company strategy and running a 24 country business in the CEE region. During my roles I have successfully started digital transformation journey with large corporations, public sector organizations and small-medium businesses. I have ability to help companies to thrive in the digitally transformed world.


I am collaborative communicator, able to build robust relationships and effectively manage competing demands result in the achievement of challenging goals. I am adept at identifying and isolating business challenges, as well as devising solutions to resolve issues. I have exceptional organizational, interpersonal, and problem solving skills. Virtual team management, negotiations and developing a go-to strategy has been part of all my roles during my career."



Ilya is a senior investment professional covering the North American power sector, with a focus on sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities and asset management responsibilities.


Ilya has 12 years of mergers and acquisition and infrastructure investing experience.


During his time in Macquarie, Ilya has worked on a number of transactions across infrastructure space. Recent responsibilities include acquisitions and asset management of conventional and renewable energy assets.

He is a Harvard Business School alumnus.

About Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) is a leader in alternative asset management worldwide, specialising in infrastructure & renewables, real estate, agriculture, transportation finance and private credit via public and private funds, co-investments, partnerships and separately managed accounts. Investing regionally with expert local investment and asset management teams, its client base is primarily institutional investors, including global pension and superannuation funds, other institutions and governments. 


I like to develop new products and services to customers and launch new value creating partnerships.


Started my career with old school paper documents which sales rep. filled in by handwriting. Now we have highly effective automated processes, internet shop, new pan-Baltic sales platform and modern app to check your coverage and manage your claims. My team has launched many different partnership solutions. I believe that business success lies on right motivated people in the team.


I have experience in product development, pricing, launch of new products and cooperation’s, underwriting, reinsurance, process improvement, leadership, coaching, pan-Baltic product portfolio management. 


  • Kristina Piilik

For Dr. Piilik an interdisciplinary approach throughout the studies with focus on international relations, law and business management has been an excellent base for working successfully as a business and legal consultant for several years. 


Personal Development


  • Powerless to powerful - taking control
  • Career building (branding & networking)

Key note speakers:

Who are you?

I am a person who has constantly taken on new challenges in life and been prepared to acquire new skills needed to do so in order to be successful. I have been a teacher and co-author of textbooks, an entrepreneur, a top manager of an international listed company, and now I am preparing for another turn. 


What You will focus on in your speach?

  • Personal development stages in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • I will highlight key activities, what personal qualities helped me succeed, and what I had to learn.
  • We are all personalities with our own qualities and desires to thrive.
  • Personality traits develop at an early age, but knowledge can be learned throughout life.


As a mentor and a trainer he is helping managers and their teams:
- to transform processes using BPM and LEAN tools,
- to develop team effectiveness and team management skills,
- to build up personal resilience that helps to endure despite adversities,
- to design personal habits that propel you towards your goals.


Who is she?

Anna is an experienced argumentation and moderating skills trainer. In addition she is an active discussion moderator at SpeakSmart. Apart from her work at SpeakSmart and the Ministry of Social Affairs, she has devoted her time to understand the psychological aspects of personal development and, thus, has continued her academic education in the field of Psychology at the University of Tartu.


What is she focused on?

Anna is specifically interested in the connection between our minds and the fear of public speaking. She aims to help people for whom the fear of performing is such a hindrance that learning traditional speaking skills (such as messaging, structure or storytelling) becomes secondary. She has created a programme combined of public speaking skills development and cognitive therapy to help others perform well regardless of their fear.



Multilingual business executive with more than fifteen years of experience in human resources function and over fifteen years in sales, business development and general management

More than 20 years of experience in IT field. Finds its easy to explain complicated things in a simple language to non-technical people. "Let´s do it!" mindset, leadership and executive coaching methodologies are the tools to achieve the goals and motivate the team.


Expert in innovation field - how to start a business, how to keep the focus and validate the idea quickly, how to bring innovation to a long-established company and its processes or how to create innovation in "boring" areas and make then cool.

Experience in product development, pricing, launch of new products and cooperation´s, underwriting, reinsurance, process improvement, leadership, coaching, pan-Baltic product portfolio management. I like to develop new products and services to customers and launch new value creating partnerships.

From 2005 Aviareps Airline Management founder and co-owner, member of the Board. 1995-2005 worked at Estonian Air several positions in commercial field incl. Vice President Commercial. Expert in aviation, tourism, sales, marketing, business models. 

Experience from Estonian hospitality and higher educational sector with understanding of technology transfer between entrepreneurial and academic world (Tallink Hotels, Radisson, Palace hotel Tallinn, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Education, Tallinn University of Technology).

Empowering Green Energy as Communications Manager at Eesti Energia & Enefit Green. Previously had long-term experience in advising corporate clients in the field of strategic communication. Liis was also a member of Nordica's first year team and mastered crisis communication. During her career, previous academic work and voluntary activities, she has got familiar with the company's social and responsible activities and CSR

  • Helen Tarvis

Head of Division, Risk Group Products and Digital Banking at Swedbank Group since 2018. Areas of competence: Process management, operational risk management, project management, organisation governance, general management and leadership.

Long career in tourism starting already at age of 16. In 2008 started  own company Estonian Experience (later renamed to Nordic Experience) which is currently offering private tours in 10 cities in Northern Europe from Tallinn to Amsterdam and servicing over 25 000 tourists in a year. Areas of competence: branding, service design, partner relationships, customer service and international expansion.

CEO at Avis Budget Group Baltics




Cathy Vivien Vahi

Team leader at Tallinn campus

Amanda Tuominen

Team leader at Helsinki campus