EstVCA and universities again team up for a special Private Equity and Venture Capital course

In the 2023 spring semester, a specially tailored Private Equity and Venture Capital syllabus will be taught for the second time at two universities in Estonia - TalTech and Estonian Business School. The 8-week course, created in cooperation between the universities and the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EstVCA), provides a detailed overview of the role of PE/VC funds in the development and growth of companies at different development stages.

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Liisi Karindi

EBS doctoral student Liisi Karindi: multicultural teams are the norm of modern society

"I've been asked if I have any Chinese friends. I never think of my close people in these terms – that he is Chinese, or she is German or Estonian. Not as a male or female friend either. In the international community, I have learned to evaluate people based on completely different criteria," says Liisi Karindi, an Asian expert, PhD student, and Research Fellow at EBS, whose study focuses on how to benefit the company through the development of intercultural competence.

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EBS researchers at the Annual Conference of the Estonian Economic Association (EMS) 2023

The broader topic of the conference was Energy and Economy. The law of conservation of energy also applies in the economy, including organizations - energy is neither created nor lost, it can only change from one form to another. Where does energy come from and where does it disappear in the economy? How to ensure that people - both managers and employees - do not run out of energy? How to ensure that the energy does not flow out of the universities? The EMS conference was a good opportunity to take some time off and create new energy together.

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Turning your internship into a career!  

It’s no news that a successful internship can turn into a job. It’s also no news that you need to work for the spot. The Internship Program in EBS has received great feedback from all counterparts, both from EBS students and internship organisations. The purpose of the internship is to apply the gained academic knowledge to real life situations and to support the student’s development and career.  


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Renee Pesor

Responsible business practices lead to higher financial performance

Responsible business has been seen as something that steals money but does not contribute to making a profit. Renee Pesor's newly defended doctoral thesis, however, reveals the opposite - in general, there is a positive relationship between a company's social responsibility and financial results. "Making a profit and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive, but rather essential components of long-term success."

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Madis Habakuk, The founder of EBS