EBS golf cup 2023

Exceptional in many ways – EBS Madis Habakuk Cup Invitational 2023

What connects an EBS high school student, head of the Executive Coaching Centre, former EBS rector, and fresh bachelor student? Golf! Every autumn, the EBS golfing community meets in the EBS Madis Habakuk Cup Invitational. This tradition has been going on for 18 years now and traditionally they meet on Madis Habakuk's name day, 21 September.
However, this time the event was special in many ways.

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Introweek 2023

Introweek 2023 was a memorable event

Introweek, which has become a great tradition and was warmly welcomed by students, was held this year from 28 August to 1 September. During the week, designed as an introduction to the academic year, there was a lot going on: informative seminars for new students to get in the mood for their studies, getting to know course mates and lecturers, networking in special Networking Corners, and enjoying social events. It's all about helping new students starting at EBS to integrate quickly and smoothly into the EBS community. For international and exchange students, a special program was put together to make their adjustment to their new home city and country as comfortable as possible.

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EBS avaaktus 2023

EBS started the new academic year with ambitious plans

Estonian Business School (EBS) has kicked off the new academic year with a spirited opening ceremony. In keeping with tradition, the anthem of the Republic of Estonia was played first, followed by beautiful songs performed by the EBS Chamber Choir. Then the Director of the Gymnasium and the Rector of the University, as well as the heads of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes took the floor. EBS Chancellor Mart Habakuk shared the results, vision and goals.  The most outstanding lecturers of the previous academic year were also rewarded.

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EBS Madis Habakuk Cup Invitational 2023

The EBS golf tournament will traditionally take place on 21st September at Estonian Golf & Country Club. All the EBS Alumni, staff, students and the EBS partners are welcome to participate. In addition to the exiting tournament and competitive moments on the golf course, we promise good company and intresting meetings with entrepreneurial people.

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Estonian President and Startup Wise Guys at EBS

EBS stands as a pioneering institution committed to delivering top-tier business education and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. With a rich legacy of shaping future leaders, EBS continues to drive educational excellence and innovation.


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In the coming years, a unique learning and entrepreneurship hub worth 100 million euros will be built next to the main building of EBS

The campus, planned by Estonian Business School SA on the property located at Lauteri 3 in Tallinn, has received official construction permits, and large-scale construction work will begin in the second half of this year. The total area of the campus will be 44,000 square meters, and the estimated cost of the development project is 100 million euros. The project is being carried out by EBS in collaboration with Metro Capital.


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EBS received the "Recognized Practice System 2023-2027" quality label

The quality label is awarded by the Education and Youth Agency as part of the project "Recognition of the Internship Process in Vocational and Higher Education." The aim of the label is to recognize vocational and higher education institutions for creating and implementing high-quality internship systems and to motivate schools in planning and implementing development activities related to internships.


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1400 students 36% are from abroad from 42 different countries
57 PhD students from 12 countries
462 science publications
140 lecturers 20% lecturers from abroad
5100 alumni
33 years of business education
70+ partner universities in 30 countries
EBS graduates have larger income in their field than other university graduates.
Madis Habakuk

Modesty is a virtue but you will manage better in life without it!

Madis Habakuk, The founder of EBS