Tuition and research scholarships

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Doctoral students who are not studying on a state or EBS financed study place have to pay tuition fee.

The tuition fee for students from Estonia and EU countries is credit point based: the fee for one credit point is 52 € (core and special subjects), the fee for the supervising, co-supervising and consulting of the Doctoral thesis is 770 € per semester and fee to cover the expenses of the defence of the Doctoral thesis is 1530 €. Tuition can be paid in one or several parts.

The tuition fee for students from non-EU countries is 3900 € per semester (7800 € per year). Students studying full-time can receive a monthly stipend of 422 €.

All doctoral students can equally apply for several additional one-time scholarships aimed to enhance research activity. More information on financing your studies and research scholarships can be read below and asked from the study consultant. 

Translation of the resolution of the Board of OÜ EBS Education 2017/2018 study year tuition fees.




Financing of studies

State financed doctoral students are exempt from tuition and receive an additional monthly support of 422 €. Distribution of state financing is decided yearly by the Research Council based on the proposals made by the attestation committee at the end of October.

Scholarships of Estonian Government for Doctoral students: 422 EUR per month


Doctoral students who have showed notable results in research or development activities can apply for EBS scholarships that either partially or fully cover their tuition. Scholarship decisions are made by the Research Council based on the application by doctoral students, supervisor’s recommendation and the results of last attestation yearly at the end of October.

Financing research activities