Reference materials:

Glossary of economy terminology.


Economics A-Z terms beginning with A
The Economist - terminology of economics.


Encyclopedia of Law and Economics

Real Estate Dictionary


Austrian Institute
Publications, articles, etc on economics and social philosophy.


A bi-monthly magazine for individuals and organizations interested in business education. Website offers information about business, economy, accounting and tourism.


Search portal for economics, e.g. economic literature, e-publications, etc. In English and German.


Economic Journals on the Web


The Economics Network
E-books, e-learning materials, Internet resources on economics for lecturers and students.


Hayek Center
Books, bibliographies, articles and other writings of F. A. Hayek.


Working papers, journal articles, software components, book and chapter listings, author contact, publication listings and institutional contact listings.


McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought
Internet links and writings on history of economic thought.


Mises Institute
Ludwig von Mises. Articles, publications, etc on Austrian economics, freedom and peace.
The official web site of the Nobel Prize. Prizes, laureates, biographies of scientists, etc.


Pan-European Institute
Institute of Turku University. E-publications on economy of the Baltic Sea countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Full text are available.


Research papers in eonomics. Database of working papers, journals, articles, books on economics. Partly available e-versions.


The Adam Smith Institute
Information on the theories and interpretations of Adam Smith.