The state visit of the President of the Republic of Estonia focused on the collaboration of universities and enterprises

10 March 2017

The state visit of the President of the Republic of Estonia together with a business delegation  plays a remarkable role in the development of Estonian companies and economy as a whole. The visit to Finland, the biggest economic partner of Estonia, means regional collaboration where joint effort enables the countries grow bigger, stronger and more visible in the European Union and on the global scale. Regional collaboration was highlighted in the speeches of the Presidents of both countries, whereas this is the platform where Estonian and Finnish companies and organisations must be able to build strong and long-term relationships of collaboration. This was the second time when the representatives of EBS were included in the business delegation of the President of the Republic of Estonia during the state visit to the Republic of Finland.  

Sigrid Lainevee, the Head of EBS in Helsinki, summarises the 2-day visit as follows: „As the only Estonian university operating in Finland on a day-to-day basis, we received confirmation that during the 5 years of its activity, EBS Helsinki has secured itself a firm place and recognition among Finnish enterprises and entrepreneurs in the region of Helsinki and Tampere. “ Lainevee adds that the new contacts made with Finnish and Estonian entrepreneurs during the visit, and the maintenance of the existing relations, will provide an excellent opportunity and good foothold for additional value offered to the students of EBS.  

Lainevee adds that the visit to the Technical University of Tampere was very inspiring, as the university differs from others with an ability to unite and inspire students, lecturers and companies systematically for collaboration: „Students are actively involved in different scientific- and research projects during their studies, whereas the university is a recognised partner for the enterprises and  industry.“  

Toomas Danneberg, the Vice Rector for International Collaboration of EBS, says he is pleased that the topic of collaboration between universities and enterprises was one of the principal ones during the state visit of the President: „One objective is economic collaboration between the two countries, with the aim to look into the probability of integration and offer solutions. The second objective is to carry out business development and innovation projects in the environment of collaboration between enterprises and universities.“  

Danneberg adds that by offering the two above activities and business education, EBS is able to provide the labour markets of both countries with specialists and managers to meet the expectations of future employers.  

Kaarel Kotkas, a student of EBS and the founder and CEO of Veriff OÜ, assures that it is useful for a start-up entrepreneur to be part of the delegation, as it opens up new doors in the Estonian and Finnish markets: „The presentation of your company will liven competition and reduce price for the end-user.“ Kotkas adds that the state visit to Finland was very successful to Veriff, because the feedback ensures that their service is expected in the Finnish market.  

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