The Rector of EBS was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the leading business school of Ukraine

28 February 2017

Almann Ternopili audoktor2The Rector of EBS professor Arno Almann was awarded a diploma and regalia of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) on February 22 at the main building of TNEU in Ternopil.

The ceremony was attended by Gert Antsu, the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Ukraine; Anastasiia Mihailova, a project co-ordinator of the of the embassy in the issues of humanitarian aid and development and professor Olav Aarna, the Vice-Rector for Research and Development of EBS.

The Ternopil National Economic University values the significant achievements of professor Almann and his personal contribution to the development of higher education and science on both domestic and international level.  

Professor Almann said in his address of appreciation: „We have started a project to modernise the environment of business education and entrepreneurship in Ukraine that is significant for the whole region and Ukraine as well.“ He added that a jointly founded management and business school in TNEU will enable to modernise the training process of management specialists in the region of Ternopil and create a competence centre that corresponds to the principles of the common higher educational room of Europe.  

Ternopil National Economic University, with its 15,000 students, is a leading university in the field of economy, finance and related legal acts in West-Ukraine.  The collaboration of EBS and TNEU started in 2015 when the Foreign Ministry supported the creation of a modern school of economics and business.   The news in the Ukrainian language together with a gallery may be approached here.