EBS will host a conference „Employers Forum“ that will focus on the topic of trust

08 March 2017

EBS will host a conference „Employers Forum“ that will focus on the topic of trust in management and leadership.

The keynote speaker of the conference is a coach and mentor of the world´s top leaders and coaches John Blakey. The exclusive issue of an Estonian translation of his book „The Trusted Executive“ will be presented at the conference. Other speakers of the conference include Ülle Madise (The Chancellor of Justice), Marju Lauristin (Member of the European Parliament) and Ott Kiivikas (athlete). The conference will  finish with a panel discussion of employers which will be moderated by a lecturer of the EBS and Member of the management board of Enterprise Estonia Anto Liivat.

The Head of the EBS Department of Management professor Ruth Alas says that there are plans to make the conference a traditional event, in order to discuss topical issues with employers and issue an Estonian translation of a book essential in the field of management. „This year we will present an Estonian translation of John Blakey´s book „The Trusted Executive“. The book enables a manager test trust in them and become an agent of trust in an organisation and society. The issue of trust is important, because it enables a manager to become a role model in the management of change, which on the other hand, results in the improvement of outcome and relationships, and have a positive impact on the image of the organisation.  Every participant of the conference will receive on book and have an opportunity to donate the second book to an educational institution of their choice, in order to contribute to the development of management education, why not in a secondary school,“ said Alas.

„We believe that EBS has a responsibility in the society to be a pioneer in the field of management education and set trends in the society. Therefore, we think it’s important to have such days with employers in order to ensure the compatibility of theory and practice, and the joint development of management education,“ said professor Arno Almann, the rector of EBS.

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