International Business Administration MA

Master programme for experts in their field!

Study period: 2 years

Tuition fee: € 2200 / per semester (total € 8800)

Form of study: session-based studies

Study language: English

Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Social Sciences

International Business Administration (MA) is designed for students with the Bachelor`s Degree in Business Administration, Economics or Management or equivalent. It offers specialists in their field to focus in areas of marketing, finance and leadership to become experts in their field.


Marketing management (taught only in EBS Tallinn Campus)

Finance and accounting (taught only in EBS Tallinn Campus)

Organisational change and leadership (taught only in EBS Helsinki Campus)

 Short description of the curriculum structure:

  • Core subjects - 42 ECTS
  • Special subjects - 42 ECTS
  • Major - 30 ECTS
  • Elective module - 12 ECTS
  • Optional courses -  6 ECTS
  • Master Thesis - 30 ECTS


The structure of the programme as well as information about each course can be found from EBS Study Information System


The objectives of the Curriculum:

  • Add value to obtained first degrees by developing knowledge, analytical, professional and team player skills of students;
  • Produce high quality graduates with the ability to systematically and creatively apply knowledge and understanding of international business and management;
  • Enhance students´ lifelong learning skills and personal development for sustainable professional career.

The profile of graduates:

  • Top or mid-level managers in respective fields and heads of departments;
  • Team leaders of international projects;
  • Employment in positions of entrepreneurship or public administration that requires the skills of individual- and team work, and team leadership;
  • Members of research teams in the field of economics and social sciences;
  • The doctoral students in the field of economics and management.

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