Individual learning path

"I need to upgrade my skills or add to the existing ones, to stay attractive in the labour market. I want to learn, but I want to develop only skills that are necessary and interesting to me at my own time and at a place suitable for me. I want to learn by solving very practical case studies with my peers. I want that the profit out of the new knowledge, skills and professional network exceeds the investment (time and money) made for this both in the long and short run. I only accept the best business education in the world."


Recognized yourself? 

EBS is the first university in Estonia to offer PERSONALIZED business and management education – individual and team learning paths. 

An EBS coach or a lecturer will help to design a learning path according to your and/or your team’s goals. Thanks to the high personalization, the steps on this path are much more enjoyable and effective than other learning methods. This path is especially suitable for people who can invest less than 10 hours a week for learning, so less than a quarter of the nominal study load. 


Individual learning path characteristics; 

  • Exact targeting. You choose for yourself and your team the necessary paths, priorities and pace for acquiring skills together with a coach or an EBS lecturer. Check here to see the list of most looked for skills in 2019 by employers according to the LinkedIn data. 
  • Individuality. Most of the learning path you take by yourself, in an e-learning environment, where you see both yourself as well as your peer’s progress. In addition, the learning path is supplemented by seminars; group works; practicums either in companies or in the newly renovated EBS learning facilities. 
  • Learning from peers and building a professional network. While on the learning path you will meet (both physically and in online learning roams) with peers to solve practical exercises and reflect on the studies and ideas that have appeared. EBS uses Bridge platform to manage personal and teams learning paths and LinedInLearning online library together with materials prepared by the lecturer driving from the concrete needs and goals of the group. The courses that are finished, can be added to LinkedIn profile. 
  • Practicality. The classroom becomes a development and engagement lab, where all that has been learned independently will be practised while solving practical problems. Peers come together to share and test what they have already learnt.
  • Professional and personal support. A certified coach, with whom you can discuss your professional goals, as well as which skills are needed to reach them and plan the development of key skills and personal traits, supports the learning path. 
  • Degree studies and possibilities to learn in the leading universities of Europe. Depending on the learning path its is possible to get credits (ECTS) for the different stages of your studies and when completing a chosen curriculums mandatory subjects module, it’s possible to be awarded master’s degree by EBS. After completing 60 ECTS, it's possible to apply for a semester abroad in one of EBSis carefully chosen partner universities that include the leading business schools of Europe like EMLyon Business School, Università Bocconi, BI Norwegian Business School, Kedge Business School, Copenhagen Business School.

If you know what skills and personal traits to develop or are still hesitant then we recommend you invest 1 to 1,5 hours and meet with a professional coach to discuss your career goals and the skills development plan you need to reach them. 


 Contact us, in order to book a personalized meeting


After the meeting, we will offer you your personalized path. 

To take part in the individual learning path you should have an at least a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of work experience in your field.