International Class

International class presents an exciting, challenging and fulfilling three years amid an ideal environment for international and local students who are willing to study completely in English. The class is an optimum size – we admit no more than 15 students each year. Tuition fee is 3690 euros per academic year. The fee includes all materials needed for study.


Academic study is important to us and we expect our students to achieve high standards. We are committed to offering a broadly-based education which follows the Estonian National Curriculum and allows our young people to discover their strengths. All subjects are taught in English by our highly intellectual yet cheerful teachers. As with all other students in Estonia, our international students are also expected to take Mathematics, English and Estonian (as a foreign language) as their leaving examinations.

Our school is focused on economic studies. During the three-year program, students learn intensively about micro- and macroeconomics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and management. The business and economic teachers are well-known Estonian business people and/or university lecturers.

By the time each student leaves EBS Gymnasium, they will have acquired the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to build their own futures. EBS Gymnasium’s diploma will enable them to continue their studies at the university level. The school is well-suited for students who wish to continue their studies abroad. The all-English academic environment, the use of British high school materials and a full-time native English-speaking teacher give students powerful tools with which to thrive in English-language degree programs abroad.