In-company training

Looking to arrange some in-company training for your organisation? With the help of EBS ETC you can offer your staff the best in-service training available.

In-company training boosts competence among your staff, gives them greater job satisfaction and improves interpersonal relations. It also enables you to organise it whenever and wherever suits you best.

EBS ETC offers an all-in-one in-company training service.

We follow a five-step process to determine the most appropriate training solution for you:

  • we determine your training needs;
  • we set training goals based on your organisation's strategy, problems and HR potential;
  • we develop a training programme where what your staff learn leads to practical problem-solving – after all, what you're taught always sinks in more effectively if it has an actual application;
  • we give you pointers on binding together in-company training, open courses, independent studies, mentor systems and other methods of personnel development with the aim of more effectively achieving the goals of your organization; and
  • where necessary, we conduct the training or oversee the training process.

EBS ETC offers a wide range of management topics for in-service training. Courses can be conducted in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

EBS ETC has conducted a variety of courses and development programmes for production and service companies and public organisations including the PKC Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the State Forest Management Centre. Other long-term clients are Swedbank, SEB Bank, Ruukki Production, Wendre Production, FKSM, Stora Enso, Elcoteq, Fazer, Elion, EMT, Ericsson Eesti, Estonian ministries (the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Finance et al.) and others.

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