Dynama Business Game

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? How to survive on declining markets?

Dynama will challenge your management skills!

  • Video clips illustrating consumer behaviour
  • Short lectures and feedback from game masters
  • Video messages with evaluations from supervisory board

You become an entrepreneur – a shareholder in a company that produces high-end TVs. You are also a member of management board, responsible for general management, production, marketing and sales, development or finances.

Your management team competes with other TV producers on the same market. You play throughout 7 years of the company´s life cycle and face changing market conditions. Along the way you practice decision-making and resist pressure from competition. However, to become the best company, you need to make the highest cumulative profit at the end of the game. It is not an easy task because all your competitors aim at the same!

Your actions are analysed by a special computer program, and results appear immediately in your balance sheet and profit statement. As the program uses data from a real market, players get constant feedback on how their decisions would have worked out in a real life!


Dynama in-company training format is a 2-3 day course for managers and specialists. The game provides an opportunity to risk and compete in novel situations and develops team-working and decision-making skills.

The game is available in English, Russian and Estonian.

More information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +372 665 1323.

Peeter KrossPeeter Kross
Education: In 1972 graduated from Tallinn Technical University (TTU) with the specialisation of Industrial Planning and in 1981 defended a PhD at Moscow State University. In 1972 – 1987 worked as a lecturer in the Department of Management and Planning of TTU.

In 1984 - 1985 was on an academic internship in the School of Economics of Turku and the School of Economics of Helsinki.

Work experience: in 1987 starts as an entrepreneur in Mainor, on the position of a Research Director. He then founded and led several companies (e.g. Mainorfin, Time/System Eesti), and was also a member of the board at several public limited companies. In 1997 – 2000 he is the Head of a Finnish consultancy company MPS in the Baltic countries.
In 2000 he returns to the field of academic activities, being the rector of a three private universities in Estonia, incl. the Rector and Managing Director of EBS in 2006 – 2011.
Since 2012 a lecturer and consultant at EBS.

Research activity and list of publications: Estonian Research Portal

Anto LiivatAnto Liivat
Professional specialization: management of public organisations, unification of European countries, leadership, strategic management.

Education: I have graduated from EBS in the speciality of public administration, studied in the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems programme at Georgetown University, complemented myself in the Master´s programme of European studies at Tartu University. I have the professional qualification III in andragogy.

Work experience: Anto has a 10-year long working experience of a management trainer and consultant in many companies, state institutions, local governments and organisations of the third sector. Anto has been acting as an entrepreneur in the field of event marketing, has worked at the Executive Training Centre of EBS as the development manager of customer relations, a programme manager at Radio Kuku, and leading several youth organisations and non-profit projects.

Social life: Anto´s hobbies are philosophy, management theories, sports and theatre. He is one of the organisers of the Estonian Championship in Street Basketball. He is a member of the Fund for American Studies Associations and the Council of Alumni of Estonian Student Associations.

Research activity and list of publications: Estonian Research Portal