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coaching EBS ICF EMCCEBS ETC is a Partner of Academy of Executive Coaching (UK) starting from 2012 with the intention to provide internationally recognized coaching programmes and executive coaching in Estonia.

The wider purpose of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) is to foster a coaching culture within organisations. AoEC believes that managers and leaders who have coaching will substantially improve their communication, flexibility and performance. If those managers also learn to coach, they will manage with a coaching style, and the whole company will start to flourish.

AoEC approach to coach training is wholly practical with results-focused courses designed to embed positive change into organisations of every kind. But at the same time they emphasize the importance of the quality of relationships and conversations in organisations, and understanding of behaviours between individuals.

AoEC professional standards could not be higher – the programmes are accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and have Association for Coaching (AC) and Middlesex University validation.


Coaching Skills Certificate 2-day programme will provide you with the appropriate door into executive coaching and introduce you to the principles and practice of coaching. Not only will you learn how to use an effective model that will allow you to begin coaching right away, you will also discover what kind of coaching is right for you.

It is perfectly suited for both those who are looking to take their interpersonal skills to the next level as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work.

This programme is the gateway to the highly accredited AOEC coach development programmes - your first step in becoming a professional coach.

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Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programm

The Practitioner Diploma provides a solid grounding in the principles and practice of coaching. Held over a series of 3 two-day modules plus a Live Action Coaching Day, participants work with the AoEC's comprehensive coaching model of Beginnings, Middles and Endings to mirror the Executive Coaching process.

The programme is primarily for experienced managers, trainers, consultants and life coaches.

Qualification: Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching.

Module 1: 03 – 04 Oct 2017
Module 2: 07 – 08 Nov 2017
Module 3: 05 – 06 Dec 2017
Assessment (Live Action Coaching Day): 23 or 24 Jan 2018

The programme is in Estonian.

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For registration, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +372 665 1323. We will get in touch with you at the first opportunity.

We are also happy to provide individual coaching and tailor-made coaching programmes for multinational companies and their staff in Estonia and abroad.

More information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +372 665 1323.

Peep AaviksooPeep Aaviksoo has significant experience as CEO of stock listed companies Norma and EMT, also sitting in the supervisory boards of different public and state owned companies. In 1997 Wall Street Journal Europe nominated him as European CEO of the Year. He has also served as Vice Mayor of Tallinn. For 12 years he was President of Estonian Basketball Federation. Starting from 2002 he is a member of the Executive Committee of Estonian Olympic Committee.

He has graduated from Tartu University as a basketball coach, got MBA in Estonian Business School and passed Senior Executive Program in London Business School.

Today he is managing the Executive Training Center of Estonian Business School and is a board member of EBS Group.
Peep has a graduated Academy of Executive Coaching - Practitioner Diploma programme in 2012.
He is a member of International Coach Federation (Group ICF) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) since 2014.

Riina VartsRiina Varts
Riina has been dealing with people management issues, managing people, consulting and developing managers for nearly two decades. She's worked as an assistant to foreign and prime ministers, managed HR functions in Hansabank and in Eesti Energia. She has experience in mergers and acquisitions, re-branding, performance- and talent management, leadership development programmes.
She is a member of Estonian Association for Personnel Development, having been closely connected to its management board for 6 years. Since 2005 she has her own consultancy business.
She has conducted different trainings both at home and abroad. She has an Executive Coaching Certificate and is a graduate of the AoEC Practitioner Diploma programme.

Mart Kikas
Mart Kikas
Mart Kikas - Executive Coach, Consultant in Business Models, Strategy and Leadership.
Mart Kikas has graduated from the Norwegian Business School BI in 2000 (MBA, Strategy and Leadership) and the University of Tartu in 1993 (MA, Sociology).
Mart Kikas has worked as VP Business Development in CEE and Area Manager Finland / Baltics at Aspiro AB (publ. NASDAQ OMX - ASP), as Advisor to the CEO at Estonian Development Fund, as Deputy Director General at Estonian Migration and Citizenship Board.
He has also worked at 2 banks on marketing and electronic banking, has founded and managed several publishing and advertising companies. He has been a lecturer at the University of Tartu and is currently teaching at the EMBA and MBA programs at the Estonian Business School.
Mart Kikas has an Executive Coaching Certificate and is a graduate of the AoEC Practitioner Diploma program, he is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Signe Viimsalu
Signe ViimsaluSigne Viimsalu (PhD) has been engaged in management, law and finance more than 15 years. Signe has set up various key organizations in Estonia such as Estonian Business Angels Association (EstBAN), Estonian Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia. She has been a lawyer in the international credit management company Intrum Justitia, associate partner in the regional law firm Glimstedt, pioneered expert in cross-border insolvency in parallel to her job as Head of Legal Department of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia. Signe considers her strength to have been able to implement huge daily experience next to the various top executives over the past years, which now allows target-oriented executive coaching.
In addition, Signe has lived, studied and worked in several part of the world. Thus, she is not a stranger to the different cultures and patterns of behavior enabling also Expat & Global Executive Coaching.
Signe Viimsalu has an Executive Coaching Certificate and is a graduate of the AoEC Practitioner Diploma programme.
Although one could have impression of Signe as an energetic lecturer, her executive coaching style is rather minimalistic with t.a.n.g.o and t.w.i.s.t.

Kalev Koort
Kalev Koort has been working in manufacturing companies connected to land construction and marine industry in different world countries as consultant, project leader and managing director.
Has graduating as electrical engineer (Estonian Agricultural Univercity) and has business education from Helsinki Markkinointi Instituutti (BM diploma) and Estonian Busniess School (EMBA).
Has been working in Tallinn Industrial Education Center as board member, today working for Estonian Centre of Standardisation as techical commitee manager and in Estonian Academy of Security Sciences as lecturer and also as business consultant. Kalev has experience in business intelligence and development and managment systems. From 2014 has graduated AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programmi as Executive Coach.

Urmas Kaarlep
Urmas Kaarlep 3Urmas Kaarlep has 21 years experience as a leading partner with a professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In addition to professional activities his everyday work included also development of young ambitious professionals and motivating them. Urmas has 6 years international working experience out of which 3 years in Kiev, Ukraine and 3 years Bratislava, Slovakia. During the years with PwC Urmas passed a training programme "Coaching Masterclass" and actively implemented "Teach, don't tell" programme (project management using coaching techniques) in Ukraine and Slovakia.
Starting 2014 Urmas works as an international tax and finance consultant. In September 2015 Urmas was nominated to the Supervisory Board of Port of Tallinn.
Urmas graduated Academy of Executive Coaching - Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme in 2015 and he is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF).

Annemari Muru
Annemari MuruAnnemari Muru has been involved with public sector management almost for 13 years. She has got her master degree in economics from University of Tartu and taken a Course Programme for Doctoral Students in Economics of Education at the University of Zurich.
Annemari's current position involves leadership and management of the department of 40 people at the Foundation Archimedes. Together with the previous experience from Ministry of Education and Research she has enjoyed all the "managerial benefits": public speaking, negotiating, working under pressure and performing smoothly at the high level meetings. She has mastered the ability to keep balance between relationships and reaching the goal. Keywords to describe her as a coach are simplicity, clarity and reliability. Since July 2015 she is AoEC certified Associate Executive Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Jekaterina Furman
Jekaterina FurmanJekaterina Furman has received an academic degree at the University of Tartu (Economics, BA) and later continued Master’s studies at Estonian Business School (International Business Administration). She has also studied at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, graduating from Rimi Business School in 2011.
The majority of Jekaterina's career has been connected with the retail sector. She joined Rimi Eesti Food AS in 2008, winning Rimi Baltic competition for the management trainee program. In recent years she has been working in Rimi Eesti Food AS commercial department, leading different category groups and at the moment she manages Assortment Buying & Intelligence department in Rimi Baltic. Jekaterina has a long-term experience in category management and international negotiations. She has also been giving lectures at Tallinn Technical University on category management.
Jekaterina has gone through AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching Program and is a certified Executive Coach and the member of International Coach Federation (ICF). She has been working in the field of coaching in different languages - English, Estonian and Russian.