Mike Franz Wahl

Mike Wahl

Mike Franz Wahl

Professor of management and head of MBA programme, PhD
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Mike Wahl is a professor of management and head of the MBA programme at EBS. Before starting academic career he has worked as a Food & Beverage manager for one of the best hospitality companies in Estonia Hotel Olümpia, and has several years of work experience as a Production and Wholesale director from the retailer Rimi Eesti Food Ltd. Wahl has been teaching academic and executive education courses on varied management topics mainly related to corporate governance, strategic management, values and didactics in different universities in Estonia, having the qualification of an International Engineering Educator (ING-PAED IGIP). Professor Wahl has also been teaching international workshops in Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 GEA in France since 2014. He has also been consulting and arranging trainings for a wide range of organizations – businesses, local governments, NGOs, etc. Professor Wahl’s research interests are mainly in the domain of ownership strategies. Wahl has a PhD in business administration from Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).


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