Business Administration and Languages

General information

Study period: 
3 years 

Volume of studies: 180 EAP

Form of studies: daytime studies

Study language: English

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

People with good foreign language skills are valued in all international organizations. Languages and Business Administration programme is an excellent combination of language studies and business.  The Programme is meant for people who would like to gain practical skills of foreign languages – it is possible to study 3 foreign languages at a time– and also have basic knowledge of economics and business administration.

Business Administration and Languages is a three-year programme. The curriculum consists of two blocks – languages and business administration.  The former provide students with a professional knowledge of English, a good command of German and a third foreign language. Business administration courses provide a background in economics, management, entrepreneurship, business law and information technology.

All students in Business Administration and Languages can choose between two elective modules. An elective module is a block of 2-4 subjects which provides an overview of a certain field. 

In the spring of 2017, students for the first time had a chance to take an international language test that corresponds to international standards – a language test of the German Cultural Institute. The language certificate may be used when applying for a job or internship in Germany. The above language certificate is a prerequisite for the Certificate Exam of Goethe Institute, which is voluntary for students.

The students will have an opportunity to participate in a Study Trip to Germany that aims to provide an insight into the business- and entrepreneurship environment in Germany.  The Study Trip includes meetings with German companies, chambers of commerce, partner universities and the embassy.

The structure of curricula consists of:

  • General subjects - 24 ECTS
  • Basic subjects - 42 ECTS 
  • Core subjects - 31,5 ECTS 
  • Special subjects - 60 ECTS
  • Internship - 7,5 ECTS
  • Optional Subjects - 7,5 ECTS


The structure of the programme as well as information about each course could be found from EBS Study Information System

Corporate partners

EBS´s corporate partner for the Administration of Service Industry elective module is Estonian Service Industry Association which unites creative and service enterprises. Over 120 members of the Association in the fields of intelligent business help EBS train the kind of specialists whom such enterprises need.


Double Degree from UK

Two degrees from two universities –Estonian Business School (EBS) and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), plus experience of two countries - Estonia and United Kingdom - will give you many advantages and will be a great stepping stone for your future career.

First two study years you will spend at EBS studying the same curriculum as your EBS schoolmates (in some cases additional mathematics and statistics classes are required for the double degree programme). After completing the second year at EBS and having successfully passed LUMS admission interview you will transfer to Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) in the UK for another two years.


Additional information


Short description of the curriculum structure (ECTS):

  • General Subjects 96 ECTS
  • Special Subjects 60 ECTS
  • Internship 7,5 ECTS
  • Optional Subjects 9 ECTS
  • Final Exam of Final Thesis 7,5 ECTS
  • TOTAL 180 ECTS

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Languages program consists of 120 credit hours (ECTS).

General subjects 96 Special subjects (Elective language) 30
Principles of Management 6 Russian for Beginners 3
Research Methodology 1,5 Elementary Russian 3
Project Management 3 Pre-Intermediate Russian course 3
Human Resource Management 3 Business Russian 3
Service Management 3 French for Beginners 3
International Business 3 Elementary French 3
Computer Fundamentals for Business I 3 Pre-Intermediate French course 3
Computer Fundamentals for Business II 3 Business French 3
Law Encyclopedia 6 Spanish for Beginners 3
Public Administration 3 Elementary Spanish 3
Country Study: Estonian History and Culture 1,5 Pre-Intermediate Spanish course 3
Practical Grammar I 1,5 Culture of Spain 3
Practical Grammar II 1,5 Business Russian for Elementary Level I 3
Practical Grammar III 1,5 Business Russian for Elementary Level II 3
Practical Grammar IV 1,5 Business Russian for Intermediate Level I 3
German for Marketing Communication 3 Business Russian for Intermediate Level II 3
Language as a Tool of Communication 1,5 Estonian for Beginners 3
Business German II 4,5 Elementary Estonian 3
Business Communication in German II
(Wirtschaftskommunikation II)
3 Pre-Intermediate Estonian course 3
Business English I 6 Business Estonian 3
Business English II 6 Major in Marketing and Communication  
German for Beginners 4,5 Marketing & Public Opinion Research 3
German for Intermediate Level 4,5 Consumer Behaviour 3
Financial English 1,5 Public Relations and Media Communication 6
Business German I 3 Major in Service Design and Management  
Business Communication in German I
(Wirtschaftskommunikation I)
4,5 Management of Creative Processes 3
Commercial Correspondence in German
(Geschäftskorrespondenz und Telefonieren im Beruf)
3 Service Development and Design 6
Law English 3 Service Marketing 3
Term Paper 1,5 Optional subjects 9
English Syntax 3 Internship 7,5
Foundations of Economic Studies 6 Final exam 7,5
Financial Accounting 6 TOTAL 180
Marketing and Sales 6    
Business Ethics 3    
Communication and Presentation Skills 6    
Philosophy 3    
Development of Study Skills 1,5    
Social Psychology 3    
Sociology 3    
Advertising 3    
Event Marketing 3